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The Better Sex Mall (BSM) was created to help men and women learn how to make use of their ‘assets’. So how does this system help people really?

What it does is it provides a wide array of products to both men and women. It helps encourage men and women to use variety in their sexual activities.

After all, two people are together for a very long time if they are committed to each other for life. These two people need to find a way to make each experience with one another even more enjoyable than the last.


If your love life has hit rock bottom or it has become nothing more than a chore shopping at the Better Sex Mall may help. It also may help if you tried every move you know just way too many times already.

You should know also when you order from the Better Sex Mall the products that you order are completely safe. The reason why is because the products are produced in pristine pharmaceutical-grade labs.

Furthermore, when you shop at the Better Sex Mall you realize there really is new ideas to try, that there really is hope. There is hope that people who have been together two, three, four, five, or even 10 or 20 years can still enjoy being together.

The kinds of products you would find at the Better Sex Mall include the following:

•    Pills, patches, and other herbal solutions you would take orally or trans-dermally.
•    Topical oils and creams that you would rub on your penis (for a man)
•    Lubrication oils for both men and women
•    Extenders, exercises, and vacuums
•    Instructional books with sex act examples
•    Other products such as sperm volume enhancers and female libido enhancers

When you shop at the Better Sex Mall you also get a variety of information such as facts about penis surgery and general male enhancement. You also learn about using natural versus prescription supplements or medications.

General male and female sexual health tips are also provided on the BSM website. For instance, you are provided information about what kind of food you can eat. You are also provided information about the effects of alcohol on sexual activity.


Some of the toys, apparatuses, and devices, may not be in everyone’s particular price range. Furthermore, it can be hard to shop online for supplements, exercise equipment, and so on and not know what you are getting.

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