Vigorelle Female Orgasm Enhancer Cream

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Females deserve to enjoy sex as much as men. At least that was the reason why products such as Vigorelle were created especially for her.

Why is it necessary for orgasm enhancement products to be made just for a woman? It is of course because of the way women are made. Therefore, what helps them would be not the same as for a man. This is further explained below.

The Answer

Women are different than men in some ways. The way they experience sexual arousal as far as the physical process is very similar. However, often it seems for a woman the experience of sex is very different, as far as the emotional and psychological factors are related to sex.

The other reason why female-specific orgasm and sexual enhancement products are needed is because the root cause of sexual dysfunction is different for a woman than a man.

Another major issue is that a female is often harder to please during sex than a man. The one main reason is because of the length of time it takes her to achieve an orgasm.

Thus, the reason why products such as Vigorelle are born. The benefits of this product are further explored below.


•    Provides “hope” to women who cannot reach an orgasm
•    Helps a woman please her man while pleasing her self
•    Speeds up otherwise delayed or lethargic sexual responses
•    Ability to have multiple orgasms is achieved
•    Relief is given to women plagued with vaginal dryness
•    Increase of libido and sexual desires
•    Application is easy and causes absolutely no pain
•    No evidence yet of any side effects reported
•    Chance of genital irritation very slim

The overall sexual experience between a woman and her man is improved as well. When the sex is good generally speaking there is more incentive to work out the rest of the relationship. Whether a couple wants to admit it or not this is true.


Although this product has been properly evaluated, keep in mind it is very new in contrast to other products. Therefore, you should watch out in case of an allergy, though it is highly unlikely that one will occur according to information provided about this product.

If you have any doubts about the safety or effectiveness of Vigorelle, you can talk to your doctor about it. He or she can give you all the advice you will ever need.

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