Vivaxa Review: Does it Improve Sexual Stamina?

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Having enough endurance to make it through the sex act is a concern for many couples. Both men and women need the energy it takes to enjoy one another sexually.

One solution-or at least potential solution-is Vivaxa. However, does this product really improve sexual stamina? If so, how?

Brief Evaluation

Vivaxa can be used in the moment, and therefore they are guaranteed to produce fast and effective results. However, this is not a long-lasting solution to the problem like perhaps would be if you use pills.

However, before using it you should beware that some men have complained about the numbness that premature ejaculation medication creams can produce. Still, you are likely to still notice some fantastic results when using it.

Benefits of Vivaxa include:

Correction of premature ejaculation problems: In other words you are more likely to “last longer” when using this product.

•    Fuller, harder and thicker erections
•    Faster arousal times
•    Very efficient results
•    Increased stamina and endurance
•    Higher sex drive
•    Enhancement versus inhibition of S.O.’s pleasure
•    Increased confidence
•    Easy to use

How it’s Done

The above benefits are experienced by many of the men who have already tried Vivaxa. It is in the way the ingredients are mixed that makes it possible. This product has substances in it commonly used for sexual enhancement: L-Arginine, Menthol, Lubricant oils, and more.


As mentioned, there is some chance that Vivaxa could numb the penis. This is a concern because even though you can effectively increase your overall lasting time, the experience may not be as pleasurable.

Another thing to keep in mind while using Vivaxa is that there is always the possibility of transferring some of the numbing agent of it to your partner. In the process, sex is not only less pleasurable for you but for her as well.

The other concern is that this product has quite a bit more preservatives and synthetic ingredients than others. This is cause of concern to some. Watch out for possible irritation or allergy.

Helpful Tips

If you are concerned about numbness, the best way to avoid this problem is to wait several moments after application before you begin engaging in intercourse. Also remember that part of enjoying a sexual experience is being creative and romantic.

Setting the scene in the room or space where you plan to have your lovemaking experience is paramount. This helps relax you as much as a product such as Vivaxa would.

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