Bulgarian Police Arrested 2 Bitcoin Farmers As They Were Caught Stealing 1.5 Million USD In Electricity

September 7, 2020 by  
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This news contains everything about two citizens of Bulgaria who were accused of robbing approximately 1.5 million USD in electricity utilized for running cryptocurrency mining farms in an illicit way.

Those two men are already arrested by the Bulgarian authorities for stealing more than 1.5 million USD. On the basis of a report made on Bulgaria Today, it says that the police detained them in a small Bulgarian town called Kyustendil.

Details on the News

All the representatives from the CEZ Electro Bulgaria and the ODMVR, the acronym for “Oblast-Directorate-of-the-Ministry-of-Interior-Affairs” made their statements at a conference. They said that the two inhabitants of Bulgaria, both from Sofia aged 38 & 31 respectively, were caught red-handed while they were funneling power to two illicit crypto mining farmsteads for 3 to 6 months. Nonetheless, the proofs say that the mining tool was present at the robbing site for over one year.

Philip Yordanov, the Deputy Director of CEZ, said that this incident is the biggest robbery of electricity that was ever detected. They stole so much power from the facility, it was enough to provide electricity to the neighboring township for approximately one month.

Before the two criminals were released to await trial, they were detained by the police for 24 hours.

Similar Incidents

There are numerous unethical cryptocurrency miners who have attempted to do similar kinds of crimes in many countries as those criminals gradually learned the profit they can have through these illicit approaches.

In China

One such incident also took place in China where 22 suspects were taken under police custody in July 2019  and are still considered to be one biggest theft in the crypto-realm. They were put in the main suspect list as they were involved in an unlawful mining farm making the usage of 3 million USD in robbed electric power. Police have impounded 4000 mining rigs at 9 respected factories.

In Russia

Russian officials have also tried to make stricter rules against Bitcoin miners robbing electric power. In June 2020, police arrested a man of 30. He was charged for looting almost 500000 USD in electricity from the state power network.

In March, another man was arrested along with his 9 assistants for getting involved in a similar crime where they stole around 200000 USD in electricity per month to mine cryptocurrency.


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Huobi Links With Japan STO Association Besides MUFG And Other 10 Players

August 20, 2020 by  
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Houbi has finally become a part of the regional self-regulatory organization that acts as a pillar to the evolution of offerings of security tokens.

The Japanese branch of Huobi has linked with JSTOA, which stands for the Japan-Security-Token-Offering-Association. It joined the association in the form of a supporting member besides FXCoin, Zaif, and other 8 regional cryptocurrency players. This info is completely based on a report published earlier on the 3rd of August, 2020.

Chen’s Declaration

Haiteng Chen, the CEO of Huobi’s Japanese branch made a clarification through the statement saying that a complete member needs to be a securities company that would be possessing a Finance 1 license.

The CEO also added that for not having this particular license, they would not be capable of applying for a complete membership. The Japanese branch puts its focus on streamlining the security tokens’ transactions tracking this specific self-regulatory body.

JSTOA’s Main Task

The Japan-Security-Token-Offering-Association(JSTOA) came into being in 2019’s October. It was started by six leading brokerages of Japan including Rakuten Securities and SBI Securities.

The main duty of the Japan-Security-Token-Offering-Association(JSTOA) is to act as a strong backbone to the evolution of the offerings of security tokens in such an approach that makes sure that there is the protection of the investors along with lawful compliance. In the month of April 2020, the JSTOA came up with a set of guidelines that says everything about how to divide electronic record transfer rights from customer assets.

Japan Stands Out

The report says that Houbi’s CEO Mr. Chen also stated that the JSTOA team agrees with the principles and they have quoted the motto of the association which is ‘to promote and popularize security token to revive the financial and capital market’, for fostering developed industry and for carrying on the international competing nature. This is the comment that made the CEO of crypto exchange say that Japan is the one nation of very few nations that lead and initiate an obedience system for digital assets.

Japan is Keeping Pace with Cryptocurrency

For the time being, the FSA, also known as the Financial Services Agency, has declared that Ryozo Himino is its current chief. He is considered to be very much optimistic regarding the crypto real. Concurrently, Kazushige Kamiyama was elected as the leader of a research team of CBDC by the Bank of Japan.

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Major Twitter Hack Ropes In Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Kanye West

August 4, 2020 by  
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On the 15th of July, 2020, Twitter fans frenzied over hacked accounts of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Kanye West, among others. The attackers were Bitcoin thieves who tried to target cryptocurrency owners and steal their Bitcoins.

Elon Musk’s tweet read, “I’m feeling generous because of Covid-19. I’ll double any BTC payment sent to my BTC address for the next one hour. Good luck, and stay safe out there!”

Whereas, Bill Gates’ hacked tweet said, “Everyone is asking me to give back, and now is the time. I’m doubling all payments sent to my BTC address in the next 30 minutes. You send $1,000, I send you back $2,000. Only going on for 30 minutes! Enjoy!”

Such tweets were seen across Twitter. They would appear and then vanish after some time, only to reappear moments later. Other Twitter handles such as @Bitcoin Twitter, Binance, Apple, Gemini, Uber, and Coinbase also were among the accounts that were hacked. Barack Obama was also among the many politicians, celebrities, and executives whose accounts were hacked.

Bill Gates’ team gave a statement refuting the tweet saying, “We can confirm that this tweet was not sent by Bill Gates. This appears to be part of a larger issue that Twitter is facing. Twitter is aware and working to restore the account.”

Twitter, on the other hand, called this hack a “coordinated social engineering attack.” The investigation into the same is ongoing, although the manner of the attack and the reason was rather clear.

Twitter sent out a tweet in response to the attack saying, “We detected what we believe to be a coordinated social engineering attack by people who successfully targeted some of our employees with access to internal systems and tools.”

This wide-scale hack raised questions on what Twitter was doing to save accounts of the people using this social media networking site. Twitter has previously had such cryptocurrency attacks; however, none were on such a massive extent.

An earlier attack in 2018 had compromised the Twitter accounts of Google’s G Suit and Target in a similar cryptocurrency racket. In 2019, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey’s account was hacked where the hackers sent out racist, anti-Semitic, and sexist tweets. Despite such attacks, it seems like Twitter has failed to provide a better security system for the millions of users currently using their site.

Hackers had given out a link in this large-scale attack on the 15th of July for innocent cryptocurrency users to send their Bitcoins. The link had recorded that it received close to 12.30776555 BTC, which is approximately $113,572.

In response to the hack, Twitter immediately blocked verified account users from temporarily tweeting or resetting their passwords. Although users have been given back access to their accounts, Twitter employees are still working towards fixing the problem and providing a more secure system.

Meanwhile, an Instagram account, Crypto For Health, claimed that the attack was made by them. They posted a story on their Instagram profile, which read, “It was a charity attack. Your money will find its way to the right place.” This news is yet to be verified by Twitter and other authorities.

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Cryptocurrencies Could Undermine Obsolete Laws, Says Cybersecurity Expert

July 29, 2020 by  
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How many of us hope for a change in our ages-old finance system in a rapidly changing world? I think there are many. However, the change in the current age is more than necessary; it might not satisfy the ruler’s sweet tooth. The same old rules for transactions, taxation, deductions, fees and its high time there’s a change in all these but do you see the process moving ant faster or at all? No, right. Cryptocurrency seems to solve many of these outdated laws. Wondering how? Read through and find out the views of the famous cybersecurity expert Pavol Luptak’s observations and insights on this:

Luptak’s overview of the Crypto market:

According to Luptak, the modern century needs modern laws, and the cryptocurrency can achieve that by abolishing some of the Obsolete laws. Below are some of the spikes from Luptak’s perceptions:

  • Free from the clutches of taxes:

Imagine you have a registered firm within your state or country laws and how paying innumerable taxes can be of a burden. Luptak says with the offshore firm management system these days, and you can simply create a hidden firm with crypto assets instead of traditional transactions which are impossible to impose can lead to a significant downfall in the taxes.

  • Taking over the decentralized business with crypto transactions:

Many local decentralized businesses that are off the government’s hook have the chance of choosing their own payment methods for transactions. What if the business accepts the anonymous crypto transactions which are off the chart? The business can save some tax amount on transactions, and the client can get the product or service for less price because of no taxation. When there’s a win-win for both sides, wouldn’t it be beneficial?

As the Governments cannot track these transactions, cryptocurrency can give birth to an unidentified and unacknowledged business.

  • Virtue & Evil forms of technology:

Decentralizing may be the key to technologically saving money. But there’s always a threat of digital currency fluctuations. Sure, the evolving technology fulfils the needs of future technology, but it always comes with a price to pay with several cyber threats. But well, there isn’t any stable progression without the downfall, and so this goes.

Old is not gold all the time. Pavol Luptak’s views about cryptocurrency’s rise in the outworn rules of the 21st century have brought a different perspective in the financial specialists. The update to old-school rules are awaited enough, and before they fall to the ground, they should be equalized to bring justice to people.


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Credit Card Processing: Why Every Business needs it

December 3, 2014 by  
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With so many credit card processing options available today, it can sometimes become difficult to know which one is the best to consider. On the outside, it often seems that all processing companies are the same, but this is simply not the case. Prior to getting involved with a provider, make sure you understand the importance of selecting the right one, and know what you are looking for.

Working with the Right Company

Before setting up credit card processing, it is important to know that you are working with the right company. There are some obvious factors that come into play at this point, but others that may not be as obvious. Prior to entering into any relationship with a provider, consider the following:

  • Fee Structure – Make sure that there are no hidden fees in the agreement. Furthermore, make sure you are clear on the specifics and that everything is reasonable.
  • Security of Processing – Make sure that the processing company you use has a secure system. The last thing you want is for people’s credit card information to leak as a result of using your service. This can have long-term negative effects on your business and reputation.
  • Customer Service – Look for a company that has readily available customer service personnel. If a problem arises with your payment processing, you want to be assured that you can easily reach someone who can help you resolve the issue.
  • Experience – This may seem obvious to some, but in many cases goes without consideration. The reality is that a credit card processing company will not be able to survive if it is not trustworthy and easy to work with. Since the market is permeated with these companies, only the strong survive. As a general rule, the longer a credit card processing company has been operating, the more you can trust the service they provide.

Human hand holding plastic card in payment machine

Regardless of what industry you are in, the need for accepting credit cards is the same. Make sure that the credit card processing company you plan to work with meets these requirements and that they do not try to conceal any pertinent information.

High Risk Credit Card Processing

For high risk businesses, credit card processing can be a difficult task, typically being paired with excessive fees. It is important to remember that just because your business is considered high risk should not mean that you suffer from poor credit card processing. Instead, make sure to use the indicators above when selecting a company to work with. There are companies like USA Bancard out there that charge overly-reasonable fees; the key is to find them.

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Understand The Basic Norms And Regulation With Animal Welfare Act

May 7, 2014 by  
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There are different notions, which you need to focus at, when the main area of concern is related under the zone of animal welfare act. This law is mostly going to govern the zone of treatment animals, which are used for research. Some of the animals are guinea pigs, dogs, cats, hamsters, monkeys and there are various other warm blood animals, which fall under the same category. Moreover, if you start browsing through the internet, you might come across some reliable institutional programs, which are mostly meant for animal care and some of their similar uses. It has been found out that PHS is going to require the information, which can help in implementing and developing some of the institutional programs, related with the activities under the zone of involving animals.

Some positive points related

There are some positive points, which are related under the notion of programs, related with the animal welfare act. According to the descriptions, it has been noted down that a list of every branch of the major component, under the notion of the institutions, along with the list of other branches of any other institutional zone. These are going to be included under the zone of assurance. On the other hand, there are some lines, which are related with the responsibilities and authority for the zone of program administration along with the compliance ensuring related with the policy.

Other eminent points to note down

There are some other reliable eminent points, which are to be noted down, with the field of PHS program. This segment is going to describe the authority, qualifications and also responsibilities, associated under the veterinarian and they are going to participate in the programming zone along with the time percentage, associated with each contribution. This field is also going to talk about the membership list along with the establishment of IACUC, along with the requirements of the A.3 IV policy zone. Moreover, the policies, which are going to be focused here are going to fulfill the requirements in order to set forth the making of this policy.

Health program to be acted upon

This program of Welfare animal act is going to look for the health of the personnel, associated with the laboratory zone under the notion of animal facilities. You can also land up with the frequent contacts with the animals, which fall under the same category. This field is also going to deal with the square footage of the gross segment under the zone of the animal facility, which can also include satellite facilities. In case you are willing to find any one of the pertinent information, under the notion of OLAW.

Focusing towards the training zone

There are some major areas, related with the notion of training zone, under the field of USDA welfare act of the animal and you can also try and deal with the health service policy. You can also make sure that the institutional responsibilities of the policy is going to surely provide a personnel training segment, which is known for working with the laboratory animals, in order to ensure that the personnel are also qualified to do so for the future segment. In case you want to know more about this field, make sure to take help of none other than fuchsberg law firm, which is associated with this genre for quite some time now.

Other eminent points to jot down

It has also been mentioned that no such action, which involves animals, will be conducted by the PHS, until and unless the institution has provided a written application of doing so. The assurance needs to be submitted to nowhere else apart from the office of the OLAW and this application will be signed by institutional official.

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Myriad Features Attached To The Online Auto Loans

March 28, 2014 by  
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Internet provides the on-size-fit-all solution to different problems and needs, and auto loans cannot fall behind. Over the net, you can spot lenders who provide a competitive rate of interest, irrespective of the applicants credit score. The online lenders have various schemes of finances for both old and new cars. The online loans are similar in nature to that of the traditional loans. A host of online tools are available that helps to calculate the down payment, rate of interest and the loan term. But, it is advisable to opt for companies that provide the best tools loaded with different features that make availing the loan, easy.


Calculate total payment

You can spot few online finance companies that provide loans for purchasing vehicles, and allow users to login to their website. The best online lenders provide shopping guides to the users, calculators, and the approval time for these loans are fast in comparison to the other loans. Based on the total cost of the loan and the loan term, these calculators help to determine the monthly payment. Generally while calculating a loan amount, a number of aspects are taken into consideration, like the application fee, processing fee and other service charges. But, in case of the online loans no additional fee are charged by the lender. You need to pay for the application fee as the services that they provide are for free.

Online pre-approval of loan

Gamut of loan options is available for both the old and new cars. Few of the best loan companies permit refinancing of the auto loan in lieu of low monthly payment. This can also help you to save some money at the end of each month. With online pre-approval of loan, you can have an edge over the dealers while negotiating for the price of the car. In case, you are planning to buy a car then the online option can help you to save time and curb extra expenses.

Offers favorable rates

A pre-approval makes the process of purchasing the car fast and seamless. The pre-approval from the online lenders take less time, and you need to travel to the office of the lender for this. All you need is an electronic device, an internet connection and an account registered with the lender. Even shopping for the rate of interest, duration of the loan term and down payment are easy if done online. Owing to the online competitive market often the lenders provide favorable rates to lure applicants. Online lenders generally provide low rate of interest, as they do not have to incur any administrative or operational expenses.

Easy application process

Documentation is an important part of application, but if you are opting for online loan the application process is easy. Many intricacies are involved while applying for this loan in the brick and mortar world, but you can avoid those while applying with the online lenders. The application form can be filled easily and instructions related to these forms are mentioned in the website. In these applications, personal information regarding the applicant is mentioned. The online companies make sure that information related to the applicants is not revealed to the third party.

Customer assistance provided

Since the need of the applicants differs, they provide tailored service to their customers. In case of need, you can consult the customer service representative through email, video chats or phone calls. While applying for online loan, you can take a note of the customer representatives at the onset. These online lenders can be the starting point while searching for finance for purchasing a car. If you have a bad credit, then availing loan from loan lender will be easy as there are online lenders that provide special assistance to applicants with poor credit history.


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Explore Financing Choices For Purchasing A Used Car

March 28, 2014 by  
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Used cars are cheaper than new cars and are preferred by many. They can be a smart choice for consumers who have poor credit ratings. When you shop for a car you must select a vehicle which meets your budget and requirements. When you consider financing options for a used car you can pay the full price of the car. But for most buyers this is not a popular choice. You can avail used car financing, which is provided both by dealerships and private lenders. Before you apply for financing, you must check your credit report. Lenders will conduct a credit check to find whether you are eligible for the loan.

Contacting a lender

With a high credit score, you have a greater bargaining power. If your credit score is above 680, you can bargain on the interest rates offered on used car loans. You will have to contact credit unions and banks to find out the interest rates which they are lending on used cars loans. You can obtain a loan for 5 years if the used car is lesser than 5 years old. Before you finalize on a loan, you must compare the interest rates which are offered by different lenders. You must ask the lender for a pre-qualification letter.

Choose best used car dealers

You can obtain financing from a used car dealer. You must know your credit score, and it is important to ascertain the interest rate which you deserve for that score. You must conduct a thorough research on the competitive interest rates which are available. Benefits of opting for a used car are many. When you opt for used car loans, your credit score will play an important role. If you pay bills on time and maintain a good credit, it will be easy for you to obtain the loan. You must select an authorised dealer who offers services like maintenance and certified repairs. Dealership is the most convenient choice for used car financing.

Financing a used car

You must take an informed decision when you opt for used car financing. You must narrow down on your choice of the car and evaluate your budget. You must decide your price range. Conduct a research on APR and other financial terms. You must read the contract carefully and negotiate the pricing. You must compare the finance rates which are offered by banks, credit unions and other lenders. You can save a lot of money by comparison shopping.

Sources of used car financing

You can contact credit unions, which offer low loan rates for used cars. At times, they offer credit insurance to borrowers. Banks offer loans for used cars and check the credit rating of the borrower. If your credit score is low you can contact finance companies, which offer loans to borrowers with poor credit score. If you are a young borrower, you can contact friends and relatives to finance a used car. You may need a co-signer in some cases for approval of the loan. For a good deal, you must evaluate the different sources of used car financing. You can sell your unwanted vehicle and obtain cash for junk cars.

Before applying for used car loan

When you apply for a used car loan, the loan officer will ask several questions. He will enquire how much amount you want to borrow and for how long. He will ascertain the age of the car and the selling price. The loan officers will ask the potential borrowers about their employment and credit cards, debt and income. You must find out the APR, additional fee and restrictions on the loan from the officer. If you opt for financing from dealers, you must compare across the competitive quotes and choose the best.


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Meet Your Emergency Expenses With A Payday Loan

March 11, 2014 by  
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Payday loans are short-term loans, which are unsecured in nature. You can avail these loans in between two paydays if you are struggling to pay your bills and cover other expenses. If there is an emergency and you do not have any other recourse to money, then a payday loan can serve as a viable solution. Generally these loans are not intended for long term as the debt is paid on your next payday. The loan amount that is granted through payday loan is low, and it ideally ranges in between hundred to thousand dollars. When you payback, you need to pay the principal amount, rate of interest and the fee for the service.

Requirement for approval

Both in the retail world as well as in the virtual world, there are lenders who provide these loans and each of these has their individual criteria for approving this loan. The process of application as well as that of approval is very easy. You need to have a steady source of income to avail this loan and the lenders verify documents related to the income source and employment status. It is also necessary to have saving accounts prior to the application for a payday loan. Though, few lenders give a grace period of one day to the borrowers regarding the savings account.

Sign a postdated check

Borrowers need to be eighteen years of age and a permanent resident of the state for applying to this loan. They make sure that the borrower has not filed for bankruptcy, nor are they intending to do so. To obtain a payday loan, you need to sign a postdated check, citing the full amount of the loan and also the rate of interest that is levied on the loan amount. On the next payday, which is also the maturity date of the loan, lenders are expected to pay the lender.

Consequences of late payment

If you fail the lender, then the letter redeems the check. In case, your account does not have sufficient fund or the check bounces back then a fee for bounced check will be levied on you. Thus, you need to pay the loan as well as an additional fee. If you fail to pay the loan then, the lenders might also charge high rate of interest. The online lenders verify the documents of the borrowers through fax or they go through the scanned documents. On approval of the loan, the amount gets transferred to their savings account. The amount gets electronically deducted from the account, on the maturity date.

Advantages of payday loans

Gamut of advantages are attached to the payday loans, and the first one being that the loan is easy to apply, and you can also get the loan easily in a short span of time. If you are concerned about your personal information being disclosed, then you can be sure of the security of information as they lending companies or the traditional lenders do not share your information with other agencies. Being a short-term loan, you can pay the amount easily without affecting your finances.

Easy to pay

Your income decides the loan that will be approved to you, and this also makes the payment of the loan easy and prevents the borrower from entering into the debt cycle. The lenders do not levy any restriction on the use of money so meeting other expenditures is easy. The institutes that are involved in payday loans work outside the working hours, unlike the traditional financial institutions, so you can avail the loan at any time of the day. You also need to know the Federal laws, as well as those applicable in your state. It protects you from paying high rate of interest, fees and also helps to secure your rights.

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Identifying the Credit Clearing Service in attending to Low Ranks

March 10, 2014 by  
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The poor credit scores present the commonest problem in the debt scenario. You cannot help the credit rating because it shows how much you are in the total debt status. Besides, it is often ambiguous because different credit rating agencies may assign separate ranks. Your running loans define the credit ratings. Different complicated loan guidelines come into action. Creditor services employ varied parameters in calculating the debt. It is a highly complicated task to condense the different parameters into a specific numerical system. Credit reporting agencies maintain discreet calculation algorithm. You can obtain a fee credit report from each of the three agencies according to legal guidelines. Look up the FDIC website in finding the standard protocol to apply for the credit service.

Check Service Assistance

Check whether the service can provide competent assistance on debt consolidation despite the low credit scores. In fact, you can improve your rankings by following a suitable debt relief plan. The credit score improves automatically if you can maintain a systematic monthly repayment system. You need to find a good service to collaborate. It is that easy essentially! Check the different parameters of borrowing. Dial the customer support staff in clarification. They must be able to deliver the best answers. See whether you can understand their explanations. Vague answers are not the right indicators of a credible agency. You must be very careful in selecting the right service. A wrong decision can ruin you completely.Identifying the Credit Clearing Service in attending to Low RanksFind Genuine Approach

The main idea of a debt relief service is to provide financial help for a set compensation. See the pricing structure of the agency. It is important to evaluate whether the service has realistic pricing packages. You are already in debt. Paying upfront can be very difficult for you. Find whether the company can adjust their payments in the loan repayment plan. Call up the service in discussing the essential aspect. You may want to have an idea of the standard industry rates. Look up online forums and other platforms for credible information. You must be sure on the authenticity of the agency. Check if they have proper registration and licensure. Find whether the company has experience in handling diverse debt situations. The crisis varies in magnitude from one person to another. You must be sure of receiving personalized attention from the agency.

Check Support System

It is imperative for a debt relief financing service to maintain a professional support system. You need to clarify all essential aspects before entering to a financial obligation. Look up the terms and conditions of the debt relief plan. You need to evaluate whether the advertised interest rate is convenient for you. Discuss the arrangement with the service. If it is unrealistic, you can also consider negotiating with the agency. Setting impractical targets benefits none. See whether the company is flexible in assisting you. The customer may need to present his or her monthly finance plan to define the logic of repayment. See whether the service can assist in developing your monthly balance sheet.

You need to take account of all essential parameters in choosing the right agency. The consolidation aspects involve negotiations with different creditor services, including Government agencies. The company must be confident in achieving your benefit. The debt relief plan should present a definitive roadmap to recovery. You just have to pay in the loan amount for an extended duration. Find whether the loan window is convenient. You may need assistance at finding a bankruptcy lawyer. Before that, you may need suggestions on the applicable bankruptcy category. The options for homeowners include the chapter 7 and chapter 13 claims. See whether the support staff is aware of the different details.

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