Angry Birds Halloween Review

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Over the year, there have been millions of downloads of Angry Birds. This game has proven to be a great development in the App niche. This review of Angry Birds Halloween will help you to uncover and appreciate the nice advancement of the game.

Getting a Grasp of the Game

This version has unique 45 levels, and if you are a lover of Angry Birds, you would observe that this version is indeed a familiar interface, only that you have some new exciting features. Angry Birds Halloween involves treats and no tricks. If you’re a new user of the Angry Birds game, you only need to slingshot skilled birds into structures which are the hideouts of pigs. Just pull back your slingshot and hurl the birds to eliminate the pigs so as to advance from level to level.

So, in this Angry Birds Halloween, the Birds are so enraged that they keep going after the malevolent pigs. As the player, you only hurl the birds with your slingshot, targeting the structures for destruction so that you can get the hiding pigs.

However, it becomes progressively very challenging and complicated because the pigs build fortresses for defense. Each level is played differently, and the birds have different abilities. Using these to your advantage is a scoring point for your success. Once you have a grasp of the game, you’ll appreciate the appeal and fun of the challenges you may encounter while playing.

The Spook

With eerie music, a spooky background and pigs to kill, this game version really meets the terms for the added word “Halloween” in its title. Apart from the usual pigs to fight, you must smash “Pumpkins” to earn more points. Angry Birds Halloween is a bunch of some content updates and a seasonal, spooky theme.

The Halloween theme is perfectly incorporated right from its opening theme which has a kind of spooky tweak. In every level, you’ll hear the howling of wolves. The artistic work comes with a dark and dusk theme wherein some structures resemble Halloween objects. Most levels consist of pumpkins – objects you need to blast off, or pig helmets.

The Rewards

As said earlier on, you will pass through 45 levels across 3 episodes, and all the 7 kinds of birds will be unlocked when you’re through with the first episode. Each level has Halloween theme and a spooky background; when you successfully smash pumpkins, you will earn bonus that is worth 3000.

Angry Birds Halloween is so fascinating that if you finish playing a level and you fall short of getting the 3 stars score, you may wish to replay that same level again and again to obtain a better star rating. You could see the tables of achievements and scores at the Game Center to assess your performance and to get some incentive.

Angry Birds Halloween game is a wonderful treat for Halloween with more excitement that its spooky theme also gives you. The Halloween features are perfectly intertwined into the whole game, thus making you to have a different, unique feel than just playing another update of the game.

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