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Tinnitus is a noise heard inside your ear caused by damage to the cochlea, a small organ in the internal ear. The most common cause of tinnitus is chronic and loud noise exposure. It can also be associated with other diseases, such as Meniere’s diseas(see section on Meniere’s), and it often occurs with hearing loss-but it is not caused by it. Other causes of tinnitus include wax blockage, infection, and tumor of the auditory nerve.

Common Symptoms

The noise can be several varieties, including buzzing, ringing, crickets, roaring, hissing, or whistling. It can be intermittent or continuous, and it is usually more prominent at night.

What You Need to Know

Treatable causes of tinnitus (infection, tumor) should be ruled out by an examination or testing. In addition, there are more than 200 medications (including nonprescription) that can cause tinnitus, especially aspirin, some antibiotics, and quinine. If you are taking any medications, check the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) to see whether that medication can cause tinnitus. Because noise exposure is the primary cause of chronic tinnitus, always wear hearing protection. Loud music increases the risk, so those who listen to rock music or other music at high decibel levels should be warned of the risks.

General Recommendations

Diet: Salt, caffeine, alcohol, and smoking can make tinnitus worse and should be reduced or eliminated.

Your balanced healing action plan for Tinnitus

Step 1: Undergo Acupuncture

Acupuncture can resolve or reduce tinnitus long term, and I recommend it first. The longer the tinnitus is present, the more difficult it is for acupuncture to be effective. Principal points usually are found on the face, head, and hands, with supplemental points on the legs and feet. Always seek evaluation and treatment from a practitioner certified in acupuncture. You should notice improvement within six treatments, but you might need additional sessions for maximum benefits.

Step 2: Take an Appropriate Homeopathic Remedy

If your symptoms persist, I recommend trying homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies differ, depending on the type of sound being heard. Chininum sulphuricum is used for buzzing or hissing. Salicylium acidum is used for roaring sounds with hearing loss. Kali iodatum is used for ringing sounds. Barboneum sulphuratum is used for roaring sounds accompanied by feeling that your ears are blocked and tingling sensations. You should consult a qualified home­ opathist for guidance on which remedies will be most beneficial and for proper dosages. You should notice improvement within one to two months.

Step 3: Take Vitamin B12 and Vitamin A

If your tinnitus continues despite the above methods, then take vitamin B12 (1,000mcg daily) and vitamin A (5,000 IU to 10,000 IU). These vitamins are necessary for normal ear function and hearing and may help in some cases. Beneficial results may take several months.

Step 4: Take Feverfew or Gingko Biloba

If you continue to have ringing in your ears, take feverfew (50mg to 125mg whole leaf standardized to contain 0.6 percent to 0.7 percent cardenolide). If feverfew is not helpful, try gingko biloba (160mg to 240mg daily), which is effective when a circulation problem is causing your tinnitus. It may take several weeks to two months to be effective.

Step 5: Undergo Cranial-Sacral Manipulation

Some people have structural problems involving the bones of the face and surrounding the ear. If the previous steps have not helped you, I recommend that an osteopath evaluate you to determine whether such a structural problem exists. If so, you can undergo an osteopathic technique called cranial-sacral manipulation, in which the bones of the face and skull are realigned. You should notice improvement within three to four treatments.

Step 6: Undergo Hypnosis

If you are still bothered by tinnitus, I recommend that you undergo hypnosis, which might help you to “turn off” the sound for days or weeks at a time. You can use hypnosis in addition to the previous steps.

Step 7: Use a Sound-Masking Device

If nothing has helped by now, there are several devices, such as tinnitus maskers, that are vailable. These devices are designed to block out the tinnitus by making different sounds, but sometimes they can be worse than the tinnitus. Another method, called auditory abituation, uses a device that generates “white noise,” teaching the brain to ignore the tinnitus. Consult an ear specialist (otologist) for further information and guidance.

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Kidney Stones

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Kidney stones are collections of calcium, struvite (a combination of ammonia, magnesium, and phosphorus), or uric acid that clump together in the kidney or ureter (the tube thar passes from the kidney to the bladder). Various diseases can cause kidney stones, including gout, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), sarcoidosis, and chronic urinary tract infections. Other causes include dehydration, vitamin D excess, and antacids that contain calcium. Kidney stones usually do not lead to harmful effects, but they can indicate underlying diseases that need evaluation and treatment.

Common Symptoms

  • Excruciating or sharp pain that begins in the flank (side) and can go to the groin.
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Profuse sweating
  • Blood in the urine
  • Decreased urine output
  • Abdominal distention
  • Fever and chills (if infected)

What You Need to Know

The major purpose of treatment is to prevent recurrences of kidney stones. Because there are several types of kidney stones, it is helpful to strain your urine and collect the stone so that its composition can be determined.

General Recommendations

Diet: Kidney stone formation is directly associated with several dietary factors, including low fiber intake, high refined carbohydrates, high alcohol consumption, increased animal protein, high fat intake, and high calcium/low vitamin D/magnesium-entiched milk products. Reversing these dietary habits will help you prevent kidney stones. In addition, I also recommend high intake of fluids (36 to 48 ounces per day). Contrary to popular belief, calcium supplementation DOES NOT increase the frequency of stones; on the contrary, restricted calcium does. If your stones are made of uric acid, you should avoid foods with high purine content (which breaks down into uric acid). These include red meats in particular, and shellfish, yeast, herring, sardines, mackerel, and anchovies.

Your balanced healing action plan for Acute Kidney Stones

Step 1: Wait It Out

If your symptoms are not severe, you can wait until the kidney stone passes, although this can take several weeks. I have found it effective to take a very hot bath or soak in a hot tub, while flushing the kidneys with fluids, including beer.

Step 2: Take Prescription Pain Medications

If your pain is severe and urination is decreased, you may require narcotic medications (Demerol or codeine derivatives) until the stone passes. If your urine output does not increase and/or you become dehydrated, you may need to be hospitalized for intravenous fluids. When urination improves, you can take oral fluids.

Step 3: Undergo Lithotripsy to Break Up Stones That Don’t Pass

If your kidney stones have not passed and you continue having severe pain, I recommend lithotripsy. This method uses sound waves to break up kidney stones that are too large to pass on their own or that cause complete obstruction.

Step 4: Undergo Surgery

The last resort for kidney stones that cause significant problems is surgical removal. Surgery is usually done through an endoscope, but open surgeries occasionally are required.

Your Balanced Healing Action Plan to Prevent Kidney Stones

Step 1: Take Vitamin B6, Vitamin K, Magnesium, and Calcium Citrate

To prevent recurrent kidney stones, I first recommend taking nutritional supplementl containing 25mg of vitamin B6, 2mg of vitamin K, and 600mg of magnesium. Calcium citrate (300mg to 1000mg per day) is also very effective for reducing stones, and it can It taken with the other nutrients. These supplements inhibit oxalate stone formation by reducing oxalate production and increasing its excretion. Take these supplements together for the best results, although you can take them separately if blood testing reveab a deficiency in a particular supplement.

Step 2: Drink Cranberry Juice

Along with the previous step, drink eight ounces a day of cranberry juice to reduce the amount of ionized calcium in the urine. Some juice products have a high sugar content, so look for unsweetened products. Cranberry concentrates or capsules (300mg to 400mg twice daily) are also effective.

Step 3: Take Folic Acid

If you have been able to have your stones analyzed and they are made of uric acid, folic acid (5mg per day), which inhibits an enzyme responsible for producing uric acid.

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HGH Booster and How it Works

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Human Growth Hormones, which are produced by the body’s pituitary gland, occurs in the body naturally and helps in body growth. As an individual nears the adolescent stage, the amount of HGH secreted declines. HGH is vital for body metabolism and lack of these growth hormones leads to aging, muscle mass reduction, fat deposition and low immunity.

However, due to technological advancements, there are alternatives that if taken maintains a balance of HGH levels in the body. These alternatives include HGH activators, supplements, boosters and releasers. This article will focus more on HGH boosters.

The work of the HGH Booster

From its name, Human Growth Hormone boosters improve the process of stimulation resulting to the formation of HGH in the body. These boosters are not HGHs but are catalysts or substances that enhance the release of HGH in the body. Since HGH declines as one becomes old, using HGH boosters is important to balance this deficiency. With the restoration of HGH to the body, it becomes more equipped to deal with normal body functions. Some of the benefits of using HGH are reduced body fat, improved memory, cholesterol, increased levels of energy and normal blood pressure. Furthermore, the boosters can assist in restoring the body’s muscle mass. Normally, these boosters are used by sports men and women and people above the age of 30 who want to take part in body building.

Research More on the HGH Boosters before any Use

Prior to using any health supplement or medication, it is vital for you to research about the likely effects of the treatment on the body. Knowing that the hormone will work by stimulating body hormones is not satisfactory for everyone. It is important to understand its effect on the inner body and decide if the HGH booster is suitable for you or not. Therefore, it is vital to understand how a High Growth Hormone works.

HGH Contains Essential Amino Acids

As it has already been mentioned, the HGH is produced by the body’s pituitary gland. This hormone in turn stimulates the production of proteins and other hormones that helps the body to grow as well as flourish. These boosters contain essential amino acids that boost the production of HGHs from the pituitary gland. The essential amino acids include L-arginine, L-glutamine, L-lysine and L-ornithine. L-glutamine and L-lysine, which are used by many sport persons, are very common in most HGH boosters. These types of amino acids are ideal for persons wanting to increase their physique or muscles. They should also be used by people aged 30 and above.

HGH boosters can also be found in spray form, which the body then ingests. They are sprayed via the mouth and then passed through the sublingual pathway. One great advantage of the sprays is that they are absorbed directly into the user’s bloodstream.

Sports person have safely used HGH boosters to increase stamina, flexibility and strength. The boosters are also recommended for elderly persons. Besides the benefits described above, HGH boosters also aids in weight management, enhance respiratory functions as well as increasing the recovery time after an injury.

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Excessive Consumption of Cola And Headache

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Persons who discontinue drinking soda frequently find a caffeine removal headache. This caffeine headache reason is treatable.

The flexible drink expenditure is a major risk and might increase different diseases and disorders in people regular of extreme drinking. The United States of America ranks first amongst countries having maximum per capita flexible drink expenditure. The per capita expenditure of US is estimated 150 quarts per year. Children are at superior risk of various diseases outstanding to better expenditure of soft drink by these children.

Caffeine in cola and its role in headache

  • Soft drinks are one of the biggest sources of caffeine and a 12-ounce be able to of cola might contain 45 mg of caffeine.
  • Caffeine performs as refreshment of middle nervous method and if inspired by people in excess can show the way to headache or migraine.
  • People while unexpectedly stop overwhelming caffeine, obtain headaches and migraine. These are the removal symptoms of middle nervous method stimulants.
  • Caffeine induces headaches are too captivating place in kids and it looks a matter of abuse in kids and young people.
  • A current detail says that a 55% of caffeine drinking in American kids is in the form of soft drinks.
  • Bromism, surplus of bromine in blood serum happen due to drinking of cola with brominated vegetable oil. The symptoms can comprise headaches, fatigue, and alaxia and remembrance failure.

Other problem associated with excessive consumption of cola

  • Soft drink comprise lower calcium period and high phosphate period, in such situation calcium is pulled away of the bone. In kids the expenditure of cola poses an eminent danger for impaired calcification of increasing bones. The element additional raises the danger of osteoporosis.
  • Sugar in flexible drink can harm the white blood cells. Saccharine, a sweetening mediator used in diet cola, know how to have unpleasant pressure on bladder and female reproductive organ.
  • The expenditure of cola increases the danger of obesity. Sugar and phosphoric acid in soft drinks is able to melt tooth enamel.
    People more than 40 years of age are not capable to expel surplus phosphorous during kidney, which can result in reduction of calcium.

Caffeine in human body

Caffeine in our body is captivated extremely fast. After consuming soft drinks, it is captivated inside one hour in the body. Just the once it passes to the blood streams, it is circulated all the way through body.

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HGH Advanced Releaser, will it work for you?

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Any male person, who has reached the prime age of 50 years or above, will have probably noticed obvious changes in the body structure and countenance. At this age, casually walking into a gym to lift a 200 pound weight, with relative ease, may not represent the most appealing spectacle to you. You may also not be able to or specifically interested in having physical sex on a daily basis. Some ugly and undesired crease-marks, wrinkles or puffs may have already started to gradually creep onto your face, particularly in the areas surrounding your eyes, cheeks and neck regions, other than body parts such as arms, chest and the abdominal areas. In case of females in this age group, although they may equally lose HGH, the symptoms may not be as prominently visible as in males. Nevertheless, they will also show wrinkles, gray hair and stature shortening. These symptoms predominantly show indications of HGH deficiency.

Describing HGH Advanced Releaser and what it will achieve for you

Natural HGH, or human growth hormone, loss is a time of extreme demoralization and frustration in the life of every adult. Fortunately, a valuable new product has been specifically designed to address this malaise and help you regain a significant part of your HGH level.

As the average person reaches the ripe age of 60 years, level of HGH in the body is reduced to merely 20% of the level it had maintained when the same person was at the age of 20 years. There are a number of vital symptoms that clearly indicate loss of HGH in the body, such as distinct aging signs, considerable reduction in the energy level, muscle loss, weight gain, and prominent wrinkles, in addition to skin sagging. Although, some highly publicized methods and formulas for HGH replenishment are easily available, there is only a single product that can be used safely with absolute certainty.

HGH advanced releaser has been designed to enhance the growth hormones of the body in a natural way. It does not carry any risks, similar to those possible with other treatment methods, such as hormone shots or botox injections. HGH releaser simply stimulates the pituitary glands in your body, which in turn release a higher quantity of HGH for your body functions.

Clear descriptions prominently displayed on HGH bottles labels allow you to find out precisely what is being introduced into the body. HGH advanced releaser has undergone extensive clinical tests to prove its usefulness and advantages. Bioperine is added to the supplement in order to ensure that the structure of the intestinal walls will enable your body to efficiently absorb the flow of hormones.
Most people are very skeptical about the safety or usefulness of a supplemental product. However, HGH advance releaser is not only fully guaranteed to produce desired results, its claim has been fully authenticated by numerous verifiable testimonials of people who have used it or are still using it on a regular basis. For clarification, many positive reports can conveniently be checked on the website of the company.

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A clubfoot is a deformity of the lower leg and foot that occurs during fetal development. Twice as common in males as in females, the abnormality may affect one or both feet. In most cases, the front of the foot turns down and in, and the heel also turns inward. The arch is abnormally high, the ankle joint may be rigid or stiff, and the calf is abnormally small. Most club feet are thought to be a congenital defect in the prenatal development of ankle bones and surrounding muscles. Usually, no cause for the malformation can be identified. However, some medications such as methotrexate, used to treat severe arthritis and psoriasis, have been linked to fetal abnormalities, including clubfoot. There are cases in which the feet appear deformed immediately after birth because of a cramped fetal position in the womb, and they soon assume a normal shape on their own. These are not true clubfeet.


Diagnostic Studies And Procedures

Sometimes what appears to be a deformed limb may show up on a fetal sonogram, but this is not a reliable test. Diagnosis is usually made when the baby is examined immediately after birth, at which time a clubfoot is easily recognized on the basis of its appearance. X- rays confirm the diagnosis and provide precise information about the placement of the foot and ankle bones.

Medical Treatments

A pediatric orthopedist should be consulted as soon as possible following the baby’s birth, because clubfoot is not a condition that can be expected to correct itself with time or exercises and it is more difficult to correct if allowed to go untreated. Ideally, the foot is manipulated toward a normal position when the baby is a few days old, and the new position is maintained by a cast or a splint covered with an adhesive bandage. During the first few weeks, manipulation and compression are repeated every few days, along with a change of cast or splinting designed to move the foot to a more normal position. By the time the baby is about two months old, the casts are changed at one to two week intervals. When normal positioning of the foot has been achieved, corrective shoes are worn for a time to maintain it. If a deformed foot cannot be coaxed into a normal position by manipulation and casts, surgical correction is necessary. This is done usually when the baby is 6 to 12 months old. With prompt and complete treatment, a child born with a clubfoot can eventually have a normal foot, engage in sports, and wear the same shoes as his peers. But the foot should be evaluated periodically by a pediatric orthopedist to be sure it is still growing normally. Although orthotic devices special shoe inserts are not used for treatment’ they may be recommended later on to help maintain proper alignment of the foot and ankle bones following either type of correction. In some cases, an abnormality in foot development does not become obvious until a baby is a few months old. At that point, the problem is also treated with progressive casting or splinting, corrective footwear, and eventual surgery, if necessary. Even an adult whose deformity was not corrected during childhood can achieve some measure of foot normalcy through operations in which the foot bones are resectioned and then fused.

Alternative Therapies

Although not recommended as a substitute for conventional treatment of clubfoot in infancy, massage therapies may hasten the correction in certain cases. Such treatments should not be undertaken, however, without the approval of the orthopedist who is overseeing the correction.

Self Treatment

Children who are handicapped by their deformity can profit from exercises that are designed to stabilize their gait and prevent fatigue. A physical therapist can demonstrate the routines for parent and child, so that the exercises can be supervised at home. Parents should avoid overprotection of a child with a clubfoot, because it can have a crippling effect on psychological and emotional development.

Other Causes of Foot Deformities

A birth injury or an accident during infancy can result in deformities similar to those of clubfoot, as can neuromuscular disorders, such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy. A clubfoot like deformity may also be one of the manifestations of genetic dwarfism.

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GenF20 Plus Spray Provides the Vital Ingredient to Energize Your Body

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On a consistently rising scale, a very large number of prominent people, who highly appreciate the true values of life, have pleasurably discovered the astonishing anti-aging properties of HGH, in the recent few years. Among some of the most valued benefits of HGH are its highly valued and positive contributions towards weight loss. Although, HGH is readily available in a number of convenient forms, like pills and injections, the most perfect application is its spray adaptation.

HGH boosters adopt natural methods to augment growth hormones in the most cost-effective and safe manner. These unique methods are largely approved as the most rational ways of augmenting body hormone levels. They aptly apply some of the most acceptable natural agents that effectively stimulate metabolism, which further helps to refurbish body cells in order to rejuvenate the entire body.

Large number agents are categorized as helpful HGH boosters. Physical exercises, that require you to add some other essential ingredients to the proposed plan for boosting the body HGH levels, may also be considered a positive agent. In the absence of healthy living and a proper diet, physical exercise may not produce the desired results. As such, even the most balanced combination of proper diet and strenuous exercise cannot produce the result which HGH boosters, like GenF20 or Styropin HGH spray, will effectively offer your body.

This is one of the main reasons why most people agreeably consider GenF20 Plus as the best preferred option. It has the distinct quality of being able to effectively produce the desired anti-ageing results, in quantities highly recommended by qualified specialists. It is well known that amino acids are vital for your health. However, excessive production of amino acids by the body can be equally harmful.

GenF 20 plus spray, by virtue of its practical use, does not require the presence of a physician, who would otherwise be required to administer an injection. While gels may be messy, many people do not favor pills, for their own reasons. Since a certain quantity of amino acids is absolutely indispensable for everyone, nothing beats the efficiency of GenF 20 plus sprays.

As soon as amino acids initiate the creation of HGH, the whole process is put into action. During the early youth years, our body produces larger quantity of HGH, which helps us to grow. It also keeps our vital body metabolism at higher levels. Our skin is kept healthy and topped up with required antioxidants.

HGH level of the body initially stays appreciable high well into our mid twenties. Thereafter, the level gradually starts dropping as we grow older. This steadily initiates the ageing process as we know it. Our body metabolism begins drop, as a result of which, undesired pounds are difficult to keep away. At the same time, lack of antioxidants begins to show its presence on our skin, which naturally starts ageing and wrinkling. Our obsessive desire for sex also shows signs of radical disinterest. In most men, it may lead to excessive loss of hair.

GenF 20 plus spray dispenses the necessary quantity of amino acids, which the body needs in advanced years to produce its essential HGH requirements. Efficient supply of the required ingredients, enable the body to effectively combat and slow down the undesired ageing process. The spray further helps to raise your overall energy levels, which in turn enhance sex drive and vitality.

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Lead a Happier And Healthier Life By Caring For Your Pet

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A pet can be a great friend. Living with pets has several health benefits. A pet can alleviate anxiety and lessen blood pressure. After a long day at work, it is a great feeling to return home and find your Labrador wagging its tail with happiness. Sharing your home with a hamster, rabbits, cats and dogs can be a happy experience. A pet can bring immense happiness and lead to your well-being. Having an animal as a companion can bring along with it several health benefits for the pet owner and his family. Some medical professionals are completely convinced of the healing power of pets and have prescribed them for cancer patients.

Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

It has been seen that exposure to a pet during infancy reduces risk of asthma and allergy. A baby’s immune system gets desensitised to allergens. Immune stabilising effects have been noticed before birth, as well. Prenatal pet exposure can lower allergic antibody production in the umbilical cord. By gazing at the aquarium or by fondling your furry pet blood pressure can get lowered. A close pet as a companion can have a strong impact on the cardio-vascular system. A dog owner has lesser chances of dying than individuals who do not own a pet.

For People With Special Needs

Studies show that pets are good both for the body and the mind. A family dog can increase the physical activity of adolescents in the home. Outbursts in case of Alzheimer’s patients are lesser if a pet is present. A lot of burden of the caregivers is reduced. Alzheimer’s patients tend to sit still longer if they have a pet fish. People with special needs can get that extra care from affectionate and loving dogs. Companionship of a pet can develop into a strong animal-human bond which not only eases loneliness but can reduce stress, as well.Lead a Happier And Healthier Life By Caring For Your PetPrecious Companionship

Owning a pet can improve the health and the mind. An individual with a pet is less likely to suffer from depression or anxiety. In the case of stressful situations pets can keep your blood pressure low. When you play with a pet levels of dopamine and serotonin are increased which can calm and relax you. If you stay with a pet you won’t have to visit the doctor often. Company of your furry friend will keep you happy and relaxed. Watching fish in an aquarium has therapeutic effects.

Brings Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Cuddling a pet and stroking it can be very soothing when you are stressed. Presence of a loving and amiable pet will lift your mood. Taking a dog out for a walk is more interesting than exercising in the gym. You can ride a horse or chase a kitten. Owning a dog can help you to meet other pet owners. You can socialize at the park at the vet, at stores or in training classes. A pet can give new purpose to your life as you age. You will experience a feeling of self-worth and contentment as you care for a pet and look into its well-being.

Owning a Pet

Presence of a pet can provide a sense of security in children. Research shows that pets can calm hyperactive kids. It is essential that you trait h pet and your kid to behave well with each other. Playing with a pet can ease the mind and the body. If you want to keep a pet you must shower them with time and attention. You must keep your pet clean and healthy. The vaccinations must be upto date and regular visits to the vet are a must.

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How to Make Your Massage Therapy Business a Success

March 22, 2014 by  
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Once your training has been completed and you’re ready for your career as a professional massage therapist your excitement and enthusiasm will help to drive you toward success.  Beyond these first days you’ll need to use some other guidelines to make sure that your business thrives and grows so that you can experience the financial and personal rewards toward which you have worked.  You’ll need to hone your interpersonal skills, use proper bookkeeping techniques, and use professional practices and ethics that keep your clients returning week after week.  Let’s take a look at some basic tips for making your massage therapy business a successful endeavour.

Massage Therapy

  1. Make sure that your personal hygiene is outstanding and your physical fitness is up to par.  You should be neat and clean at all times, and somewhat fit so that you can adequately handle your equipment as well as the techniques that your clients prefer.  You will also want to follow all of the accepted sanitation practices when skin-to-skin contact is employed.
  2. Do your paperwork promptly so that you can keep excellent notes about your clients, their preferences, and any medical issues and needs that impact your therapy sessions.  You’ll want to attend to billing on a daily basis, bookkeeping and expense documentation, and inventory needs quickly and efficiently so that you won’t be without the oils and other products that your clients enjoy.
  3. Develop marketing strategies that work for you and the type of massage therapy business that you want to establish.  You should determine which type of clients you prefer, the areas that you want to reach, and the social media platforms on which you like to participate.  Word-of-mouth is still the best advert for your business and can help you to grow exponentially.
  4. Keep your techniques refined and your modalities updated at all times.  Just like many other professions, massage therapy changes so it’s important that you remain updated on the changes that are happening within your industry.  You may want to include some innovative services about which your clients are reading and add new skills to your repertoire of talents to share with clients.
  5. Keep your equipment in good working order and comfortable for your clients.  If your massage couch needs replacing, shop for the latest model with new features that make your job easier.  If new oils become available that you think your clients would like, invest in some of the fragrances to determine which ones work best for your business.  You’ll also want to make sure that your linens are always fresh and attractive for each and every appointment; this attention to detail can place you ahead of your competitors.

By visiting the website therapy world direct, you’ll have access to all of the latest models of massage therapy products that appeal to your clients and keep you energized and excited about your job.  It’s the little things that make your massage therapy business a success and by attending to them on a regular basis, you’ll keep your bottom line profitable.

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Working Out

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Working out can be incredibly hard work and very disappointing if you do not do it correctly. So avoid these 7 deadly sins of working out and enjoy a successful exercise routine and all the benefits that come with it.

Overloading Yourself With Exercises

When you begin to exercise or join the gym you may already have an idea of what you want to improve. You may want to lose those bingo wings or tone your tummy; but it can be all too easy to go in all guns blazing and power through your first workout leaving you feeling drained and exhausted. Your body needs up to 72 hours to go through its metabolic cycle and repair any muscle damage that occurs during exercise, so take it slow.

Not Warming Up

Warming up will give you a better range of motion and will lower your risk of injury during exercise. It is recommended that you warm up for 5 or 10 minutes before exercise, and this can be as simple as a brisk walk or light stretches. All of this helps to thin the synovial fluid which lubricates your joints.

Not Changing Up Your Routine

Variety is the spice of life, and variety in your exercise routine will help you to work out for longer and give you a better chance of success in the long term. As well as providing you with a more sustainable workout, varying your exercises will help to strengthen all your muscles and reduce your risk of injury.The 7 Deadly Sins of Working OutEating All the Wrong Foods

What you eat when you exercise, and even when you don’t, is vital to a healthy mind and body. Incorporating protein, fibre, good carbs and other important minerals and vitamins will improve your ability to work out and speed up your metabolism to aid weight loss. Online health food companies such as PFD sell quality food and healthy supplements that can work with your diet and exercise plan to improve your overall health and maintain a healthy weight.

Not Hydrating

Exercise boosts your metabolism and heats up your body which makes you sweat. To lower your core temperature and replace your lost fluids you must drink enough water to avoid the risk of dehydration and overheating. You should aim to drink 15 to 20oz of water 1 to 2 hours before you work out; 8 to 10oz about 15 minutes before you begin and 8oz every 15 minutes during your workout.

Being Unaware of What You Are Doing and Why

You need to know why you are doing the exercises you are and how they will benefit you. You also need to know the correct way to do your exercises to reduce the risk of injury and increase the effectiveness of them. If you are working out in a gym, ask your instructor for a meeting to make sure you are doing everything appropriately and you will be well on your way to success.

Skipping Your Warm Down

Cooling down after your work out is just as important as warming up before it. Cooling down effectively will help you to get rid of the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles during exercise and will reduce your chance of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). So avoid these sins of working out and you will be able to enjoy your work out and the benefits of it.

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