Nox Edge Review – World’s First Chewable Pre-workout Tablet

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Working out is serious business. There are thousands of companies out there selling equipment, gym memberships, and supplements made just to help you get the body you have always wanted. As of late, Nox Edge is showing up everywhere! It is on Dancing with the stars, celebrities like The Situation are touting it, and there are dozens of pages ranting about Nox Edge. So, is it worth it?

Nox Edge works by giving your body energy boosting Nitrous Oxide, Taurine, L-arginine and other nice goodies right before your workout. The Nitrous Oxide (the “Nox”) helps our blood be able to handle the byproducts of your work outs more effectively allowing faster recovery time and the ability to get “pumped” faster. Faster recovery plus extra energy sounds like a good deal to me!

The first thing I will say about this, is be sure to watch your timing. Take your Nox Edge right before you work out for the best effect. If you take it on the drive there or otherwise take it too soon, it will taper off before you are done with your work out. I made sure to take the Nox Edge with the correct timing and found that it really did give me a little extra energy while I was working out.

Nox Edge by itself will not do a lot. It is an enhancer made to give a little boost to your normal routine and should be added to an established work out and supplement routine for the best effects. It is not touted as a miracle muscle builder and you should not expect it to be. However, when used as it is supposed to be used, it can help out quite a bit especially if you find yourself a little sluggish at the start of your work outs.

Ordering Nox Edge is pretty easy. Just fill out the order form and you will be automatically subscribed to receive monthly refills of Nox Edge so you will never have to run out. If you decide that Nox Edge is not for you, contact the company as soon as possible to let them know you want to cancel or else you will be charged for any shipments they send. Nox Edge even passed along helpful offers from its partners!

With easy recurring refills, free partner offers, and a nice product, Nox Edge is definitely worth a try.

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