How Choose a Great Special Occasion Dress

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dressfirstSpecial occasions require special clothes. This is equally true for both men and women. However, women often need to go to a greater length to find the right dress simply because there is a greater variety. With many different types and styles of dresses to choose from, choosing the one that best suits an occasion of requires an intuitive mind and a few trials and errors.

Here are some tips from DressFirst on how to choose a great dress for a special occasion:

  • Know the occasion: The first thing is to know the occasion and find out what other people will be wearing. Trying something new and unique is an excellent idea; however, it should be within the acceptable range for the occasion. Long dresses are good for formal events and short dresses for informal events.
  • Check out the styles: There is a wide variety of styles of dresses for every occasion. Choose one that is just catching on but has still not become common. That will be enough to turn a lot of heads. For formal events, choose styles that are not too bold and revolutionary.
  • Choose the right fabric: It’s the fabric that makes the cloth and dresses made from cotton, silk, linen and brocade are often the favorites for special occasion. However, the fabric should go with the season. Wear think fabrics in spring and summer and thick fabrics in winter and fall.
  • Your neckline and arms are important: If you have a long and slender neck, then any kind of neckline suits you. But if you have a short and thick neck, then a V-neck will look best on you. Similarly, short sleeves are great for exposing long, slender and well-toned arms while long sleeves can effectively hide short and fat arms.
  • Go for the color that suits you best: Everyone has a color that suits her best, but some colors go well with every skin complexion, such as red and black. However, you may not be best judge for the right color for yourself, so ask a friend. When wearing a dress, it’s the color that often makes the biggest difference.

Every woman is different, so a dress that is just right for one may not be right for another. With this in mind, DressFirst has created a great variety of stylish and elegant dresses for women for every occasion.

Author Bio: Garima Mehta is a professional writer based in Worthing, UK and loves everything about fashion.
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