Alcoholism and ED

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Alcoholism is one factor that leads to ED (erectile dysfunction). You may not think that as you are often taught that it can be an aphrodisiac.

The Problem

Prolonged and regular excessive use of alcohol leads to sexual dysfunction. A man may not even be able to get an erection even when he is sober.

The other problem that could occur, of course, is that the only time a man is able to perform is when he has drank enough alcohol. However, when he is sober oftentimes he prematurely ejaculates.


The Reason

The connection between ED and alcoholism is a hard line to draw. It could be for a variety of reasons. These are some of the main reasons why it is believed that alcohol leads to erectile dysfunction:

  • It is the way alcohol has an effect on the liver, brain and nervous system.
  • It is the chemical changes in the body that lead to the body not always working the way it normally would.
  • It could be a result of the fall in testosterone levels that occurs while drinking that affects a man.
  • The fact that alcohol leads to depression and that depression is one cause of ED is one to consider.
  • Alcohol has an affect on a person who has a classified psychiatric mental illness. Sometimes symptoms of impotence are then intensified in the process.

Again, often couples or men are presented with the illusion that alcohol helps a man’s sex life. However, even though it may in the short term over time ED problems will worsen as a result of drinking too much.

Treatment Complications

It can be tough to treat ED if alcohol is involved. For one, prescription medication should not be used with alcohol. Another reason is because the alcoholism has to be treated separately from the erectile dysfunction.

This can be a very difficult process. It would take quite a bit of time and patience for couples to successfully master the treatment of both ED and alcoholism.

Treatment Options

For erectile dysfunction, one of the most common forms of treatment is prescription ED drugs. Levitra, Invigorise, and Cialis are among those commonly used. There are also injectable forms of medications that act in a similar manner.

Besides taking care of the alcoholism problem, other lifestyle changes are encouraged. For instance, it helps if a person stops smoking as this can have a detrimental effect on the circulatory system.

A person should consider eating a healthier diet as well. Sex therapy may be sought for both physical and psychological issues surrounding sex. Therapy geared toward resolving sexual issues may also be pointed towards using alcohol during sex.

In addition, a person should consider seeking help from an organization such as Alcoholic Anonymous or Relate. The availability of these groups as well as other relationship and marriage counseling groups as well as alcoholism recovery varies.

You should find out what is available in your immediate location. The more help you receive the faster you will make it to recovery.

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