How to Pick Jewelry for Men

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Are you a guy looking for a sharp piece of jewelry? Are you a lady looking for something for her man? No matter the situation, once thing is for certain and that is that lots of bling for guys is no good. Unlike women, men cannot get away with wearing as much jewelry. What do some women wear so much jewelry? Women have been wearing jewelry for hundreds of years or longer. When a lady wears a piece of jewelry it is to act as a center piece to their outfit. On the other hand, when a guy wears a piece of jewelry as a complement to their outfit. According to an article, men should wear jewelry that looks natural. What does natural jewelry look like? Take for example, costume jewelry. Women wear this big fake jewelry all the time. A man, should never wear this type of jewelry. A man’s jewelry should be clean and stylish but not necessary noticeable hence, more natural than what women wear. Some examples of jewelry that you might be able to pick out for a man include: religious emblems, chains, pendants, chokers, watches, cuff links, and dog tags.

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Sea Themed Attire and Accessories to Set Theme Parties Ablaze

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It is quite necessary that you take break from your workplace and household chores once in a while and indulge in things and activities that make you happy and relaxed. Life has become so hectic and stress ridden that everyone needs something to bust stress and seek enjoyment from time to time. You may not find dancing in discotheques interesting or eating out at posh restaurants may not be ideal for you. However, throwing a theme party can be the right thing to add some zing to life. A sea themed party, near a beach or seaside resort, can detox your mind and body- for sure. You may also celebrate birthday of a close friend in that manner.

Sea Themed Attire and Accessories

Be the party stunner

You surely want to be a head turner at the sea themed party. This can be possible when you wear suitable attire and matching ornaments. Finding such stuffs online is no longer difficult. These are online shops selling diverse types of theme based products. It would be a great idea to buy stylish Mermaid leggings for the party. You have to match it with suitable top attire and ornaments. Ensure you buy right sized legging, to evade hassles later. You can be creative about color and design. However, in a sea themed party, dresses with green or blue colors fit in well. The same thing can be said about ornaments.

Decorate the party in apt manner

It is not just enough to put on matching dress and jewelry in a marine themed party. You will have to decorate the venue of the event in apt manner. Apart from using decorative that you buy online, it would be a good idea to use stones, sand or coral for adorning the place. Using environment friendly materials is prudent for arranging such events.

Choosing the suitable online seller/store

While buying fitting marine themed party wear is a need, it is also necessary that you buy it from a suitable online store. You will find several such web based shops selling those stuffs, as it is. At first, you explore product range of such shops online. Ask the seller if it is ready to make customization to items you want. It is also necessary that you check out its shipment and replacement provisions. Sometimes, you may be able to buy such items at lower rates by placing bulk orders.

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3 Tips for Saving Money on Your Purchases

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It is never a bad idea to save money. Throughout the year, you will visit several different stores and buy a lot of different things and they all will cost money. With you spending so much on the things you want and need, you may find it difficult to save money. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure you have a bit of extra money to put up for a rainy day.

Here are three tips for saving money on your purchases.

Take advantage of sales

Lots of stores love to help their customers save, so they have sales throughout the year. If you are looking to save money on your purchase, you’ll want to consider visiting these stores when there is a sale going on. You might be able to get that jacket or shirt you have been eyeing for half the price.

Use coupons and discount codes

Your favorite store may not be having a sale every day of the year, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other opportunities to save. Another way to save money on your purchases is by using coupons and discounts codes. This option is available when shopping online, and it is one many people take advantage of when they are buying items from Athleta or another one of their favorite retailers.

Consider shopping out of season

Buying clothes out of season is the perfect way to keep some money in your bank account and still get what you want. You will basically be buying clothes when they are not in season. Winter clothes can be purchased in the summer and vice versa. Clothes tend to be cheaper when they are not in season, so you will always be able to save when using this shopping strategy.

A lot of people struggle to save money. Whether they want it for their emergency fund or want to take a vacation, saving money is never a bad idea. With their being lots of ways to save on the many purchases you make throughout the year, saving money should start to be a bit easier.

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Top Ten Reasons Why the Little Black Dress Is a Popular Choice for Prom

December 11, 2014 by  
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Selecting the perfect prom dress can be quite the ordeal! Are you confused about what dress style and colour to pick? Maybe you should consider a ‘Little Black Dress’ or LBD. The LBD was always popular, ever since it was introduced to the rest of the world by Coco Chanel and it has now become every woman’s closet must-have. It can be a classic sheath style like the iconic dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or it can be something more modern.


Promtimes has a wonderful collection of gorgeous dresses to choose from, especially LBD’s, which will make your task much easier.

This is why we think a little black dress is an excellent choice for prom:

  • A Little Black Dress is timeless, simple, elegant, sophisticated- you name it. It is an absolute classic and will never ever go out of fashion!
  • It is so versatile that it can be worn to a formal event as well as a semi-formal one. It just needs to be dressed-up or dressed-down according to the nature of the event.
  • It can give you an edgier look as compared to your peers who will most probably choose to wear brightly coloured evening gowns.
  • This type of dress is pretty affordable because it is available in so many varieties.
  • It is the kind of magical dress that will suit any woman, regardless of her body shape. When in doubt about what is appropriate to wear to an evening occasion, always opt for a little black dress and you won’t be sorry.
  • A little black dress usually fits perfectly and hugs your curves. It will make you feel like the sophisticated and gorgeous woman that you are!
  • It is more comfortable to dance in a little black dress than a long evening gown and you will be able to enjoy the night.
  • A little black dress is the perfect backdrop for an accessory with a splash of colour. It will enable you to make quite the fashion statement.
  • While it is simple and traditional, you can also turn a little black dress into your own creative masterpiece with just a few well chosen accessories- pick either gold or silver to add to the sophisticated look.
  • It can definitely be an eye-catcher and give the wearer a sensual air if worn right.

Find the perfect LBD for yourself at Promtimes from the vast selection of gorgeous dresses, and walk into the room looking like you own it!

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A Simple Guide to Stylish Modesty

April 15, 2014 by  
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You are the strongest woman there is: a woman of God. While being a woman of God certainly has many advantages, there are some costs a woman must pay in order to live up to God’s strong standards. One such cost is dressing modestly. The most popular fashion trends of the 21st century are not very modest, and the options for modest women’s clothing available on the market are quite limited. However, thanks to some thoughtful designers, it is possible for women of God to dress with stylish modesty.

Modest is sexy in and of itself, because it is a symbol that a woman respects herself and her body. However, most of the big fashion designers that dominate today are all about showing as much skin as possible, so dressing in their brands is not always an option. If you want to look sexy and still maintain your modesty, there are plenty of options available for you, including:A Simple Guide to Stylish Modesty

  • Skirts—In the modern world, short skirts dominate, but there are a variety of below-the-knee skirts available for those who want to dress modestly. Skirts are available in a variety of cute and fun prints, colors and fabrics that apply to the temperature. With a modest skirt, you can look stylish and sexy all year long!
  • Dresses—Like with skirts, many modest dresses are available in fun colors and prints so you can look stylish and sexy while maintaining your positive self-image. All dresses cover the chest and shoulders at minimum, but most have sleeves.
  • Boleros and Shrugs—Say you have a special event coming up, and you decided to go ahead and buy a not-so-modest dress or shirt to wear. If you still want to maintain your modesty, there are a lot of cute shrugs and boleros available to cover up those shoulders and still look stylish! Choose from a solid shrug or sweater, or even sexy lace.

Stylish Modest Swimwear

There are a lot of cute, fun, stylish ways to dress modestly year-round. However, as the weather starts to heat up, people start thinking more about hitting the beach and pool, which is where dressing modestly really becomes a problem. For modest women who cannot wear the popular bikinis available today, most of them are forced to swim in baggy t-shirts and skirts. This can be uncomfortable, unflattering, and certainly not stylish.

In recent years, the modest swimwear business has exploded. Fortunately, some designers respect women who choose to uphold their modesty, and have come with lines of chlorine-resistant modest swimwear. Modest women who want to look stylish in the water can choose from a fun variety of:

  • Swimdresses
  • SwimBras
  • Swim Shirts
  • Swim Shorts/Swim Capris
  • Swim Bandanas—to protect the hair!

And many more! Best of all, many fun swimwear designs are also available in children’s sizing, so daughters can look as stylish and modest as their mothers! If you are a modest woman who is aiming to become more stylish while swimming at the beach and pool this summer, click here for options on modest swimwear for women.

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How Plus Sized Women Should Go For Beach Wear Hunting?

November 7, 2013 by  
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Swim suits are the staple beach wear and no matter what your body size is, you can’t give up on the comfortable swim suits. But shopping for swim suits gets very difficult if you have plus sized body because you have to be extra conscious that you shouldn’t look vulgar due to those `extra curves’. Plus sized women should try to shop for those types of swim suits that hide their flaws as much as possible while accentuating their best physical features. Here are some important purchasing tips when you’re on the lookout for swim suits being a plus sized woman.

Try to Buy two Piece Swim Suits


Women’s plus sized bodies don’t easily categorize in any particular dress size because of the uneven distribution of fat. You may be top heavy or bottom heavy while being plus sized. Therefore you should refrain from buying one piece swim suit because you would probably end up looking very bloated and swollen. Therefore, it’s the best practise that ladies go for two piece swim suits in plus sizes so that they can choose different sized garments for their upper and lower bodies.

Check for the Swim Suits Size by Trying

If you go by your dress size number while shopping for plus size swim suits then probably you’re going to end with the wrong sized garment. That is because of the fact that the dress sizes don’t actually match with the swim suit sizes in the market. Usually you would have to choose one or two sizes bigger than your actual dress size in order to get the perfectly fitted plus size swim suit for your body.

Look up to Plus Sized Women Celebrities for Cue

You should shun the preconceived notion that the heavier women can’t look good in beach wear. Looking good is all about styling and choosing a plus size swim suit in a flattering hue. You can look up to fashion magazines and internet websites in order to locate plus sized Hollywood women in beach wear. You could learn and copy their styles by purchasing plus size beach wear in order to look attractive.

Use Geometry to Look Good in Plus Size Swim Suits

Yes, that’s true. You can buy specific prints and designs that could make you look smaller in particular body regions. For example if you have a heavy bottom while your torso is apparently thinner, then you should choose for lowers that have vertical stripes which would make your bottom appear slender. You should shop for your plus size swim suits eagerly while keeping these facts in mind.

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Tee Shirts Instantly Create Strong Style Statement by Showcasing Your Thoughts

October 10, 2013 by  
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military t-shirtIf there is some clothing item that always remains in trend regardless of current fashion then that is none other than a tee shirt. Tee shirts are classic ensembles that remain in vogue and they are liked by both men and women of all ages. The most attractive aspect about wearing tee shirt is that you can voice your opinion and showcase your thinking by choosing a tee shirt with a print that matches your taste.

If you are a fancier of some celebrity, occupation, movie etc then you can simply purchase a printed tee shirt that can present your choice perfectly. You can buy cool tee shirts from various online retailers in very affordable prices and great discounts. You can buy online tee shirts in various types like polo tees, classic prints, Hollywood inspired, religious themes, sports team, funky printed, rock music inspired tee shirts and so on.

But one type of tee shirt that is a huge craze among youngsters as well as grown up people is military tee shirt. These military tee shirts are having prints that showcase themes of patriotism, support for soldiers etc. You can buy online military tee shirts that have been inspired by various wars that happened in the world in which US military fought valiantly like Iraq war, World War, war against Korea, etc.

You can voice your concern about bloodshed and showcase your humanitarian principles too by choosing those printed military tee shirts whose themes deeply inspire you. Wearing a military tee shirt no longer means that you are sticking to boring colors like grey, black etc. You can get military tee shirts in various colors like white, green, black, grey, blue, sea green, violet, pink, red and yellow etc.

Girls and boys can buy customized military t shirts to suit their body shape and personality. These military tee shirts are extremely cool and you can give a bold statement to stand out in the crowd by pairing these military tee shirts with jeans or shorts. The wearer of a military tee shirt appears to have a strong personality and a bold thinking which can get you instant popularity among friends and opposite sex members.

You can use these military tee shirts to spread awareness about some current cause too by using them as gift items. The bulk purchase of these military tee shirts will further lower the prices and shipping charges associated with the order. Military tee shirts create a far more superior style statement than any other type of tee shirt.

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How Choose a Great Special Occasion Dress

October 1, 2013 by  
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dressfirstSpecial occasions require special clothes. This is equally true for both men and women. However, women often need to go to a greater length to find the right dress simply because there is a greater variety. With many different types and styles of dresses to choose from, choosing the one that best suits an occasion of requires an intuitive mind and a few trials and errors.

Here are some tips from DressFirst on how to choose a great dress for a special occasion:

  • Know the occasion: The first thing is to know the occasion and find out what other people will be wearing. Trying something new and unique is an excellent idea; however, it should be within the acceptable range for the occasion. Long dresses are good for formal events and short dresses for informal events.
  • Check out the styles: There is a wide variety of styles of dresses for every occasion. Choose one that is just catching on but has still not become common. That will be enough to turn a lot of heads. For formal events, choose styles that are not too bold and revolutionary.
  • Choose the right fabric: It’s the fabric that makes the cloth and dresses made from cotton, silk, linen and brocade are often the favorites for special occasion. However, the fabric should go with the season. Wear think fabrics in spring and summer and thick fabrics in winter and fall.
  • Your neckline and arms are important: If you have a long and slender neck, then any kind of neckline suits you. But if you have a short and thick neck, then a V-neck will look best on you. Similarly, short sleeves are great for exposing long, slender and well-toned arms while long sleeves can effectively hide short and fat arms.
  • Go for the color that suits you best: Everyone has a color that suits her best, but some colors go well with every skin complexion, such as red and black. However, you may not be best judge for the right color for yourself, so ask a friend. When wearing a dress, it’s the color that often makes the biggest difference.

Every woman is different, so a dress that is just right for one may not be right for another. With this in mind, DressFirst has created a great variety of stylish and elegant dresses for women for every occasion.

Author Bio: Garima Mehta is a professional writer based in Worthing, UK and loves everything about fashion.
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Whose Candle Is It Anyway?

June 9, 2013 by  
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You know how it goes: she wants a potted rose; he says, “What about that big cactus?” He wants steak; she says, “I’ve got a recipe for steamed fish!” She wants to have a party with lots of wine and close friends; he says …well, okay, sometimes they agree! But then there are candles. Unless you’re using it to test for a gas leak (Don’t try THAT at home!), a candle is definitely a woman thing: right? Not these days; thanks to Yankee Candle, they are now for everybody.

If you don’t know about Yankee Candles, you’ve clearly never been downwind of one of their shops because, believe me, you smell them before you see them: in a good way!

Yankee candles stock such a wide range that if you can’t find a scent you like there’s probably something wrong with your sense of smell. There may be a name for it, like ‘Ayankenosmia’ or something, but if not, there should be.

Women have known for years that a well-placed Yankee Candle is a godsend. Remember that curry you had yesterday? So does the house: get an iris scented candle! Did the dog wipe its rain-sodden fur on your rug? Yep: get a coconut scented candle! Are you on a diet and craving treats? Oh, yes: get a red velvet cake scented candle! Hang on …don’t! That will make things worse! But what about men? Do men want to smell irises, coconuts and red velvet cake? Probably! They’re attractive scents. But do you know what he’d rather smell? Bacon!


Hang on! Bacon? Isn’t that a smell you would want to get rid of? Not if you’re a man who likes bacon. And that’s not the only ‘Man Candle’ available; there’s the smell of freshly-cut grass, which might have the added benefit of making him get the lawn-mower out and spruce up the garden.

There’s ‘Movie Night’ which, in case you were wondering, doesn’t smell of napalm in the morning, but smells of delicious, hot, buttered popcorn and there’s the intriguingly named ‘First Down’: a combination of orange, patchouli, vetiver and leather, to call to mind a sports game. Thankfully, they didn’t include sweaty socks, which is what I can smell at a sports game! So, men of the world: scented candle, anyone?

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