Useful Information, Advantages and Disadvantages of Desktop Based Video Conferencing

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Video conferencing using desktops has become popular because of the high end technologies and latest gadgets that facilitate easy long distance video and audio communication. The traditional video conferencing is done through the use of satellite connection and various gadgets like separate video screen, microphone, computer etc. But the usage of the computer’s desktop for doing video conferencing is more preferred by majority of the people over conventional video conferencing.

The reason behind the usage of desktop for video conferencing is usually cost related because such type of video conferencing is much cheaper. Various desktop video communication softwares like Skype are available nowadays which can be used by common people too. There is no requirement to purchase expensive accessories for doing desktop based video conferencing.


In desktop conferencing, the desktop or computer screen is used as the major data sharing medium between the interacting parties. The devices that are required for doing such type of video conferencing are laptop or desktop PC, internet connection of any form, Skype or other desktop conferencing software. No additional video screen, camera, microphone or high tech internet connection is needed for doing desktop conferencing. All the interacting parties need to have the same software version, i.e. if the desktop conferencing is to be done through Skype, then all the interacting parties must have the Skype software installed on their desktops.

The advantage of such video conferencing is cost effectiveness. Another advantage can be that real time sharing of audio, text and video files can be done. But there are some non negotiable disadvantages associated with desktop conferencing that renders it inefficient for professional usage.

  • Desktop based video conferencing doesn’t work well with Wi-Fi based internet connections. Direct LAN connection would give better performance.
  • The parties engaged in such video communication won’t be able to see videos in good quality because of internet disturbances.
  • The audio quality of such communication is also noticeably poor and the parties have to resort to chatting alongside viewing the videos.
  • Although the files can be shared in real time format while the desktop based video conferencing is in process, but the speed of uploading files is slow. Also, the long length files take it too long to upload depending upon the speed of the internet connection.

To make such video conferencing more effective some measures can be taken.

  • Good quality internet connection should be used which should be preferably wired.
  • The audio experience can be improved if the background noise can be minimized by choosing a quiet location for desktop conferencing.
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Apple iPhone 5C seems to be The Most Versatile Smartphone Model in 2013

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The Apple’s iPhone models have the strongest brand reputation of being highly sophisticated luxury items that are very classy with their metallic appearance and seamless software usage. The iPhone 5C model encompasses all the existing iPhone quality standards with the only variation having a polycarbonate body. This Apple iPhone model has been well received by Smartphone users belonging to the price bracket of $100-$500.

• The iPhone 5C is a versatile Apple device which has a 4 inch wide display along with latest IOS 7 mobile application software which provides optimum web browsing performance.Apple iPhone 5C seems to be The Most Versatile Smartphone Model in 2013

• The iPhone 5C has certain another new feature that isn’t found in any other iPhone device till date. It covers more number of 4G bands for maximum network coverage in various countries.

• With more than 9million apps availability for this Apple Smartphone, users can effortlessly simplify their business handling and lifestyle management.

• Long battery life combined with the integrated A6 processor makes this iPhone 5C a revolutionary Smartphone in 2013.

• On a two year carrier contract, the admirers can buy this iPhone 5C for just $99 if they go for its 16GB version. Otherwise, the 32 GB iPhone 5C version would cost them approximately $200.

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The Advantages of Technology Include Many Wi-Fi Benefits

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Technology comes in many forms but Wi-Fi technology has become a real premium. This form of technology has many benefits that make it important for use in any business or commercial space. You can even use this in your home if you have the right equipment.

A Wireless System

A Wi-Fi connection can use a wireless system. This means that the antenna that emits the Wi-Fi signals and a power source for the antenna are all that is needed to help you get signals sent out. Anything that can read the signals should be able to pick up whatever you have.

Consistent Signals

The signals that come with a Wi-Fi antenna might also be more reliable than what you’ll get out of a DSL service provider. The problem with so many outside services is that they can go down after a while or become weak. A Wi-Fi system in your own home will be more likely to stay intact because it has its own dedicated power source in your area.

The signals are also very convenient and easy to utilize. It only takes a few bits for a device to link up to your signals. In fact, some devices might even read your signals automatically, thus giving you quick access to whatever you want.

Useful for Many Items

It is also easy to use this system on many devices. One of the best advantages of technology like this is that it can be used on many devices including:

  • Computers
  • Video game consoles
  • Media players
  • Tablets
  • Portable readers
  • Smartphones

The process of logging into a Wi-Fi network should be automatic on most of these devices. However, a password may be required for some signals. That’s primarily to keep the security of the Wi-Fi system up and running though.

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How to Make Your High Speed Internet Even Faster

March 29, 2013 by  
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A sluggish internet connection is not only frustrating, it also wastes your time. If you notice that your broadband speed has bogged down recently, then check for any loose cords. Unplug everything that’s connected to your network then restart them. That should take care of electronic kinks affecting the connection speed. If the sluggish connection persists, then try the following easy fixes to make it faster once again.

Less Multitasking

Multitasking poses a burden to your computer and your high speed connection, thus slowing down your internet access. Close unneeded programs and browsers to improve your connection speed. If you do not need the IM application, email program, and multiple open browsers, you might want to close them. Remember that your active Skype window and all those automatic updates for different programs can drastically affect your connection speed, most especially if they are running alongside other web-based applications.

Also, disable any unnecessary online programs that start each time you boot your computer. That will do wonders for your connection speed and startup time.

Outdated and Faulty Network Equipment

Replace your network peripherals. Instead of spending money to sign up for new high speed internet deals that may only offer low pricing as introductory rates, you may want to consider replacing any faulty and outdated network equipment, including your modem/router device and your filter.High Speed Internet

If you notice that your speed has been dropping off, contact your ISP for a possible modem/router replacement. If you are a DSL user, consider replacing your old phone filter. It wears out over time and leaks signal interference that may affect the internet connection speed.

Wireless Devices that Hog the Bandwidth

Minimize the number of devices connected to your broadband network. If you have been connecting a lot of computers and other devices to your network, then they are all simultaneously hogging your bandwidth. Either opt for a monthly plan that increases your speed and bandwidth allocation or consider reducing the number of internet-connected devices that you use concurrently.

Do not also forget to check for the possibility of people stealing your bandwidth. To prevent this, disable the SSID broadcast and get the most recent router encryption possible.

Wireless Signal Interferences

Eliminate potential issues affecting your router. After ensuring that you have the best router you can afford, make sure that interference of the wireless signal is minimized. Otherwise, you are not enjoying the full benefits of your high speed internet connection. As much as possible, eliminate physical obstructions like furniture, walls, and other electronic devices between the computer and router. Place the router on top of a stable and elevated place, and situate your computer and other mobile devices that pick up the wireless signal close to it.

Or better yet, do away with your wireless network connection altogether and connect to your modem/router with an Ethernet cord.

Also, make sure that your router’s firmware is up to date. The router manufacturer’s website would have the necessary firmware updates.

And if all else fails, don’t hesitate to talk to your ISP. A simple phone call may be enough to solve the slow connection problem.


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How to Insert a Flash Video Into Html

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To insert a flash video into html, you use the same process that has been used to put any audio or video files into html, you have to use the html tag “object.” First you put the html file and the flash file in the same directory on your computer. You must then change two items in your html file. Item one is the “value” or the specific name of the flash file and the second item is the “src” or the width and height of your flash video. These are added into the code as — value=nameoffile.swf (as flash files are in the .swf format) and the src is added as width=”numberofwidth” height=”numberofheight” If you wish, Macromedia has a section in the program that will code all this for you. Go to the flash program and under file click publish and the program will lead you through it. This will publish it on a blank page. To add the video into your website, you will want to use an editing program like Macromedia Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage and insert your .swf file right into your web pages.

Flash Video Into Html

That way the flash video will have all the other standard graphics of your pages so that the website has a seamless look. Either way, your flash video gets inserted into html.

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Converting MPEG Files to the iPod Video Format Can Work Quickly

January 5, 2013 by  
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The Apple iPod is not able to get MPEG files to work on it. However, you can use a free video converter to make it easier for you to get these files to be converted into the appropriate iPod Video format that the iPod can support. This can be done for practically any kind of video that you have no matter how big or small it might be.

Using a Program

You have to get the right conversion program first. You may be able to get the program by using a simple item in your own web browser. The Bender converter is one such example of a program that can be used directly from a browser without a download.

In other cases you will have to download a program onto the computer that your iPod is linked up to. This will work for all sorts of different programs Xilisoft, Cucusoft and Videora converters among a variety of other free programs.


Opening a File

You will have to go to an appropriate file search box in order to get the MPEG file that you want to convert. You can simply move into the folder that you want to get your file out of in order to get this.

You can choose a single file in most cases. Some programs could allow you to convert multiple files at the same time or to even merge those files into one large iPod Video file. The functionality will vary according to the kind of file you are going to be working with.

The file that you have can then be converted. This should be relatively easy to handle and can involve a very quick process to get it all to work out right no matter how big the file is.

Of course, it takes longer for the conversion to work when the file size is larger. This is just because there’s more data to work with in this case.

Loading Onto Your iPod

You should be able to get these new iPod Video files that you have created in the conversion process loaded up to your iPod. You can do this by loading them into your iTunes application on your computer and then syncing up the data with the iPod that you want to use.

This process can work in the same way as how you would get music loaded onto your iPod. The files that you upload can then be accessed through the video section of your device. Be sure to check on the titles of your files to at least make it easier for you to access the files that you have uploaded.

This process is made to help you out with getting video files set up on your iPod even if they come from an unsupported format like the MPEG format. A plan for converting MPEG files to iPod Video files can be very easy to handle.

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