ErectionFitness Extender Exercise Program Review

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ErectionFitness is the brand of a recently released exercise program. The main function of it is to help shape up the penis in a way that helps a man grow his organ.

Sexual performance is also a goal of using these exercise sessions. All around a man can feel confident in the area he feels most self-conscious about-performance during intimate and playful times and/or size of his member.

The Workout Experience

One way to understand the benefits of the ErectionFitness exercise program is to read a short depiction of one or a series of workout experiences using it.
Using this extender pump is much likened to a body builder using weights or other equipment. Although the penis is not considered to be technically a muscle, it is still worked in a similar way as a muscle.

Usually you can expect a initial penile growth spurt when using the ErectionFitness program. Then, the progress slows, but does not stop-a slower steady growth in other words.

However, just like muscles you should not stop exercising your penis. After 120 days you still should exercise your sexual organ to preserve the permanent size increase of it.


Using the ErectionFitness program has many benefits. For instance, it helps do the following:

•    Works on the fine muscle tissues that surrounds the penis, particularly the ischio cavernous and bulbo cavernous
•    Increases the size of the corpora cavernosa so more blood can enter the penis
•    Stretches the suspensory ligament (ligament that attaches the penis attached to the pelvic bone)
•    Produces harder and longer-lasting erections
•    Increases growth in size
•    Promotes greater all-around sexual satisfaction in the man as well as his partner
•    Provides an alternative to pumps, extenders, and pills


Men who use the ErectionFitness program may forget that results expected are not going to be immediate.  However, if you have patience you and your partner will be pleased with the results.

Never expect any shortcuts when using this program. If you try to use it as a quick fix you are going to be sorely disappointed. There is one other very important concern. You should ensure that you follow the instructions of the exercises very carefully.

This will help you make sure you do not injure yourself in the process of seeking the penis enlargement gains you hope. It will also help you achieve best sexual performance results.

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