Nexus Pheramones: What is it? Does it even Work?

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My first reaction was Nexus pher-what?? What exactly is this product? And even if I know what it is does it even really work?

Brief Overview

Nexus pheromones are blend of seven important pheromone compounds that is said to assure increased female attraction to a man. They are processed into essential oil blends and natural grain alcohol.

This formula is based on the fact that scents are what brings animals together, but in this case in mammals, or in humans.

You can learn a little bit more about this concept below:

Androstanone-This is one of the first mammal scents ever discovered after a series of scientific studies. It has a sharp-smelling woody or pleasant scent to it.

Androstedienone-The main role of this is to alleviate PMS stress, increase feelings of intimacy and comfort, and increase feelings of caring. It also helps heighten their sexual responsiveness.

Beta-Androstenol-This is said to cause increased friendliness and relaxation in women towards a man. It is known as the “icebreaker” hormone.
Epiandrosterone-It is a metabolite. It also is said to help keep the mind sharp and alert.

Alpha-Androstenol-This is a substance that is said to increase feelings of comfort and attraction in a person.

Androsterone-This substance when interacting with Etiocholanone increases masculine qualities.


The Nexus Pheromones system has been clinically tested to prove its efficacy, and in the process it has shown signs of attracting the attention of your potential mate.

In some of the more recent studies it was discovered that different people give off different sorts of scents. This concept was used to help create a formula that helps attract one person to another.

Of course, quite a bit of skepticism surrounds using this formula. Really the only way to find out how it works without taking a huge financial risk would be to see if you can get a sample of it.

How to Use

Nexus Pheromones can be sprayed alongside your current perfume. In reality, mixing a cologne scent with the natural enticing odor of pheromones is the ideal formula.

Just a tiny amount sprayed along with your current perfume is all that is needed. Of course, creating the most pleasing combination of scents requires knowing your body.

If you need help picking out perfumes to use along with the Nexus Pheromones you can have various combinations of perfumes tested with this product. Try your local department store. They should have perfume samples.

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