Slap Happy Cream Review

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One person who was reading this thought they heard of it all already when it comes to sexual enhancement aids. However, now there is a masturbation cream?

Slap Happy was designed to help make masturbatory sessions much more pleasurable and intense. After all, you are the only one you will ever have to live with.

Some people are skeptical though. They are tired of buying creams, toys, and other apparatuses that are designed to help make ‘alone time’ more meaningful.

Therefore, they need some convincing as to whether a product is actually going to work. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of the Slap Happy Cream.


There are numerous advantages to using the Slap Happy Cream. For instance, it will not clog your pores like some lubricants. It will not result in the development of embarrassing or harmful skin conditions.
The use of this product also is far less likely to cause irritation, itching, or other allergic reaction. There is also no need for a second application, and therefore, you do not need to stop in the middle of your masturbation time just to reapply more.

You can also use it without causing dryness, cracking, or roughening of skin. This product also feels and smells great. At the same time, it produces soft, creamy skin while it triggers endorphins to enhance sexual arousal.


Although this is product that is more reasonably priced than others, it is not the cheapest either. Therefore, it may not be within the price range of some people, and it would be next to impossible to find it in a local store.

Furthermore, as effective as it may be it will not help if you cannot even have it sent to your geographical location. On the other hand, it is shipped to many, many different difference places.


Oftentimes, even if you are reluctant to order a new product, the only way to find out how it works is if you try. The suggestion would be is if you are offered a free trial to take advantage of it. Sometimes you can get a bottle or two of Slap Happy for free, just to try.

Most likely even if by some slim chance you are not happy with this product you at least are given a chance to try it. You can try it without much risk to your body or to your finances.

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