The Hottest Hair Colours for 2014

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It’s a New Year and if you’re looking for a new appearance to complement the new “you” perhaps you should consider altering your hair colour to accent your natural beauty.  Many of the celebrities are beginning to experiment with new colouring for theirs and you too can have star appeal if you select one of the hot new shades for 2014.  Let’s take a look at some of your options and how you can make this new dramatic look work for you.


Ombre for Brunettes

If you’re a brunette, you’ll love the new image that you can have with this new colour that the stars have defined as the trend for 2014.  Ombre is a French word that means shaded and it gives your hair a new depth with dark roots and lighter ends that look as though the sun has lightened your hair.  Also referred to as surfer strands, this colour is sure to captivate those around you.

Go Platinum Blonde

If you have the right skin tone and you don’t mind a high-maintenance colour, you might want to try a platinum blonde colour for your tresses.  These icier shades leave the blonde tones behind for a more unique style and appeal to those runway looks.

Brunette Isn’t Boring

The Duchess of Cambridge has made being a brunette more exciting than ever here in the UK.  It’s time to embrace your natural brown hair and all of those chestnut shades that give a look of volume and sheen to your hairstyle.  Brown colours do highlight your dark eyes and olive skin tones very dramatically; if your hair colour works well for you, why change it?

Red is Powerful

If your personality is feisty perhaps you’d like to use a red hair colour which can range from rose gold to deeper reds that highlight your skin tones effectively.  Did you know that almost anyone can be a redhead and look natural at it?  You may want to try some red highlights in your hair first or purchase some clip in hair extensions that are red just to see how it looks on you.

Dip Dye Hair Colour Adds Uniqueness to Your Style

This new trend has caught on with people of all ages; it’s not your daughter’s style any longer.  With this colour, your ends are dipped in the colour of your choice and the rest of your hair is left in its natural colour.  It’s a fun way to accent the length of your hair especially if you’re in the process of letting your hair grow out; it adds just a little uniqueness to your statement of style.

One of the steps that you might want to take before you select the new colour for your hair is to invest in clip in hair extensions which give you a new colour that can be removed easily if it doesn’t work for you.  Visit the website to find the style and colour that interests you and give it a try.

The hottest new colour trends are just waiting to give your overall appearance a new breath of life; go ahead and step into a new hair colour and try it on for size.

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