When diamonds are not forever – diamond sales in Dallas, Texas

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“Diamonds are forever.”

Fade music and dramatic scene is reproduced in black and white, man and woman in the embrace of love.

We all saw the commercial. Is ubiquitous around Valentine’s Day, the “new love” in the spring the aim of marketing is to further enhance the diamond gift is the ultimate expression of the romantic  notion of love, and not the market value falls.

Achieve the purpose.

Square pedestrian mall in Dallas North Park corridor and pay special attention to women through the left hand. Mita is the second unmatched when it comes to women who appreciate a large diamond. Dallas celebrities and soccer moms, since it seems to have a sense of pride in the shock through the retina, “glowing” ring toe.

However, what happens when the commitment to keep the gift recipient diamond is forever, national divorce rate is around 50%, setting the pace in Dallas Mita. This means that about half of the diamond engagement rings in Dallas have been removed. In addition, the economic slowdown in the United States today, more and more people are forced to sell assets such as diamonds can afford the necessities like gas, mortgage loans, as well as food costs low higher.

Fortunately, these people who want to sell the diamond market is so tight, price volatility is smaller. However, sales of diamonds are still a difficult process. In general, the original sales price of diamonds, estimated value, emotional value, its owner, and the amount can be reasonably expected to sell a huge gap.

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