A Free Conference Call is Easy to Prepare

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You can get a conference call set up without having to pay anything for it or to charge anyone just to get it to work. You can use this to set up a link with multiple people who can be contacted for business purposes among many other things. This is very useful but you do need to look at any of the restrictions that might come alongside getting such a call ready for use.

Setting it Up Through a Website

The first thing to do is to get your conference call set up through an appropriate website. This can be done by linking your call with an appropriate free service provider. It shouldn’t be hard for you to find a quality service provider who will help you out online.

You can get a toll free conference calling plan created by getting an appropriate phone number that will be given to you for a limited period of time. This will be a toll free number and will be set up with an appropriate access code. You can enter in this access code directly from your phone after entering in the key number of accessing the conference call.

Sending Info Out

The information will then need to be sent out to the people that you want to get it out to. This includes sending the phone number and access code to a certain number of people who will be handling the conference call. In most cases you will be able to get this to work with up to ten people.

You also need to specify when the call is to be made. Most numbers for free conference calls will be available for a limited amount of time.


Watch for Restrictions

There will be some restrictions related to getting your conference call set up. First, there are going to be limits on the number of people who will be able to show up for it. You can only get up to ten people to show up to your call in most cases.

There are also limits on how long the call can last for. It may last for a few hours or between certain times. The standards for getting your call running will be different according to each individual conference call provider that you are dealing with. This has to be reviewed well if you are going to get your call set up properly.

The use of a free conference call should work well for all of the things that you want to get out of it. It can work well for communications between large groups of people and can work for presentations, coaching sessions and many more. Just make sure that the right information is sent out to everyone who is going to be in a call and that you can actually handle the call based on the limits that have to be met in order to get it to run well.

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