Disabled Baths – How They Can Make Your Life Easier

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In the past, many things were designed for the average person who was able-bodied and able to go through life with few practical issues. This meant that disabled people would have trouble accessing shopping malls, offices, cinemas, airplanes, trains, cars, baths, toilets, cupboards, and so much more. Fortunately, their voices have been heard and manufacturers are making a concerted effort to make their lives easier. Disabled baths are just one such example, and here is a closer look at the features.

Problems with using baths

The average bath has no railings, is slippery, is mounted higher than ground level, takes a long time to fill, and has a range of other issues that disabled people can face. Here is a quick look at some examples:

  1. Paralysed – if you are unable to use your legs then it will be very difficult to get into a bath that is higher than ground level
  2. Blind – the common problem is not being able to see where the taps are and whether it is hot or cold, and then there is the additional issue of not knowing how full it is.
  3. Limited hand use – this means that turning the bath on and off can be difficult
  4. Back and joint issues – this makes getting into and out of the bath very challenging

Standard features

The standard features of disabled baths cater to the needs of the bulk of disabled people. You will find that searching for a disabled bath will generally lead you to a bath meant for people who struggle to get in.


This has given rise to some standard features. The first is that the tub is below ground level or at ground level but while having a door, constituting these as walk in baths. The railings are longer and strategically placed to help guide you in and out of the bath. The railings and floor are made of a special non-slip substance so that you can safely maintain your grip.

Modified baths

The modified disabled baths are specially designed to help people with unique problems. For example, those with joint problems will benefit from different tap fixtures, or even electric controls, which eliminate the need for turning anything. For blind people, brail can easily be used to label everything so that they know what is what. Some baths also allow you to set the level of filling, and this goes on to ensure that the bath doesn’t overflow.

Finding disabled baths

Thanks to the increase in demand and manufacture of disabled baths, there are more and more places that you can choose from in order to get them. Most big hardware or textile stores should have them. If you don’t have any luck there, then your best bet would be to look online and see if there are any companies in your area, or you can simply buy a bath online and have it delivered and installed.

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