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We believe that successful e-mail marketing began with 10 guidelines to help you maximize your results, but also to avoid a “rookie” error, damage to your reputation and eat your profits.

This free guide includes:

10 rules to create attractive, profitable email campaigns

Best practices to improve open rates, click-through rate and conversion

Tactics to help you have a strong strategy, and constantly optimize your success

How to build and maintain your user list, and provide laser focused content

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Your passion for your business, we worship. In fact, we believe that you should take the time to do the things you want, instead of balancing multiple marketing solutions. That is why we have made iContact your email and social media marketing one-stop service. Learn how iContact can save you time and help your business grow.

Email marketing by iContact for your business big value and big results. Within minutes, you can use this feature, e-mail marketing, iContact to send a message, and to establish a closer relationship with your customers. Over time, the return best way of email marketing with iContact skyrocketing sales and better exposure for your business.

Social Media

The fastest growing marketing channel: social media began to spread your message. You put your message, several millions, we can be very easy. Publish directly to Face book and Twitter, and track the popularity of your posts and bring a convenient all-in-one solution, iContact.

Contact management

Your relationship with your customers is sacred. That is why we offer the easy-to-use tools to keep your relationship strong: for each customer interaction history, personalized and custom fields combined, in order to understand more of your contacts.

Customer Support

If you encounter problems, we have been here to help. We have a team of experts who know the features and tools of the INS products, e-mail marketing and social media marketing. However, they like to share what they know. When you are looking for more, you can connect it to one of exclusive marketing experts to help manage your account, and to ensure that the message will give you the results you deserve.

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