The Great Accomplishments of Ron Hovsepian In His Excellent Managerial Career

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Ronald_W._(Ron)_HovsepianMr. R. Hovsepian is a famous entrepreneur and management head who has honed his skills of entrepreneurship by serving at various global enterprises as the leader. He is a well known personality who remains the highlight of many business headlines due to his unique marketing strategies and productive business management models. His educational qualification includes a BSc degree in the field of management studies from the famous University of Boston.

Currently the Ansys Corporation has been benefitting under his esteemed guidance where he serves as an Independent Director since the beginning of 2012. He has also served as the directorial head of various ecommerce companies and enterprises like ICG Commerce, Syncra Systems, and etc. The association of Mr. R Hovsepian with Intra Links has been since December 2011. On 15 December in the year of 2011, Mr R. Hovsepian accepted the position of the Director of Intra Links Holdings Corporation.

Not only this, he also served as the President and the CEO or chief executive officer of this well known Intra Links Holdings Corporation. He has worked a lot for the overall development of the Intra Links Holdings Corporation and due to his efforts Intra Links Holdings has been able to foray his services on a global platform. Under the managerial guidance of Mr R. Hovsepian Intra Links Holdings Corporation has been able to become a globally renowned company for proving multiple services like sensitive information handling, critical data sharing services which depend on the cloud based internet solutions.

The management experience of Ron Hovsepian has led him into gaining immense market knowledge about handling information technology based organizations. He has provided his services in many types of marketing industries like consumer goods companies, wholesale companies, and retail based companies etc. Ron Hovsepian also holds the membership in the ICG Group of Companies’ elite advisory board. Also, he was the Director of various famous enterprises like Right Works Corporation, Cortera Company etc. Before joining Intra Links Holdings Company, Ron Hovsepian was associated with the Novell Inc from 2003 to 2011.

During his association with Novell Inc. Ron Hovsepian handled the positions of President, Chief Executive Officer, chief operating officer and Interim president position at various periods of his service in the organization. He was also associated with Worldwide Field Operations Company, Bear Steams Asset Management Company and International Business Machines Corporation too. At the IBM he worked at leading managerial positions for a record time of 17 years continuously.

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