What a DID Phone Number Configuration is About

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A Direct Inward Dialing or DID service is a great way for you to get your business to use more phone numbers at a given time. And this may work perfectly if you have plenty of lines to use in your business and you want individual lines to work for individual functions or people within the business.

How Numbers are Set Up

What happens here is that a phone company will supply you with a series of phone numbers. These numbers are arranged with different endings but are made to make it so the information will be secured within an easy to handle range.

An example of this would be if you had the need to get thirty different lines set up for individual voice mail boxes or people who work at your spot. Your phone provider might give you thirty numbers in consecutive order. For example, you might get the numbers 555-3001 to 555-3030 in your plan.

All of these numbers can be arranged with their own voice mail boxes. People can even set up different voice mail messages and prompts on their individual lines. This could be done to streamline the process of getting an appropriate sense of communication working well.

How Numbers are Linked

The DID service can then help you out by linking an incoming call with the appropriate voice mail box. The DID analyzing card that you might use in your system will be made to read the number that came in and therefore move that call directly into the number that the client wants to call.

Why Is This Useful?

This is useful for two key reasons. First, it allows individuals in a business or other space to have their own voice mail boxes. This makes everything a little easier to work with.

Second, this is made to help with getting people who call in to link up with individual things set up by specific people. For example, instead of hearing a generic voice mail prompt a caller will hear a very specific voice mail prompt that might be linked up to a particular number.

Does it Work Internationally?

You can get a DID service to link up to an international number directory as well. You can use it through a service like UcallWeconn just like what you could get out of a traditional phone provider. This adds to the international reach that you might be getting out of your procedure. It should be used well to give you an idea of what is going on with your site so it can be used carefully without any problems.

The use of a DID phone configuration can help you out in many ways. It can make it easier for numbers to be linked together. Also, it makes it so the voice mails of different people in an area are kept individual from each other with their own numbers attached to them. This makes it easier for anyone to get something set up the right way.

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