What Makes A Great Printing Service?

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Finding a good printing service can become a little tricky if you have no idea what makes a great printing service. Ignorance is bliss, they say. But in this case, ignorance can land you right into the hands of unscrupulous middlemen who are waiting to fleece you. Or you will end up hiring a cheap print service that provides low quality output at a higher overall cost to you. So how do you find a printing service that is really good? The only way is to visit their press and find out the following:


  • Printing press: Quality printing companies have their own press with the state-of-the-art printing machines and print finishing UK equipments. Quality printing machines and finishing equipment are the most important things in the printing business. There are many companies that do not have their own machines and outsource the job to other companies. These are only middlemen who you cannot reply upon.
  • Design team: Good printing companies have their own in-house design team consisting of expert designers who will design your cover page, brochures, pamphlets and all sorts of documents at no extra cost. This makes the entire printing process faster and easier for you. Cheaper print companies want you to find your own designers, which can be a lot of hassle if you are not a good designer or do not have one in your company.
  • Never misses deadline: Good printing companies have all the resources to work at full capacity and even overtime, if necessary, so that they never miss the deadline. The importance of never missing the deadline cannot be over-exaggerated, especially before and during exhibitions and tradeshows when you may need quality printed materials at a very short notice.
  • Print finishing services: Good printing companies provide quality print finishing services so that you won’t have to worry about packaging – collating, binding, stitching, laminating, etc. Good finishing is of utmost importance as most people instinctively “judge a book by its cover”. They also do not normally charge you extra for materials like print finishing tapes, staples, glue and lamination.
  • Delivery: Good printing companies usually provide free delivery of printed material to your home or office at no extra cost. They also make the delivery at the time and place of your convenience. This helps keep your overall printing costs to the minimum. If a print company doesn’t provide delivery service, then you should be wary of using its services.

Good value for your money: Good printing companies take care of the entire printing process, starting from designing to finishing. This takes the load off you and lets you concentrate on other important things. They also use a higher quality paper, ink and finishing materials. They may charge a little higher than cheap companies, but for that extra cost you will be able to rest assured that you will get quality product.

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