What’s Available From a Shoring Rental Company?

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The shoring process does not have to be a hassle if you have the right equipment for the job. It can be very expensive to get some of these items for construction purposes though. Fortunately, you can rent a variety of items for all kinds of needs that you might have. These need to be treated carefully to help you out with whatever you want to get for your shoring needs.

Shoring Boxes are Available

You can find a number of trench boxes from a shoring rental company. These boxes are made to go deep into the ground to make it easier for a property to be secured during construction. The cost of the shoring box rental will vary according to several factors though;

  • The amount of space the box is good for
  • How deep the box can be
  • What it is made of; most of these boxes are steel but you can also find a few aluminum items

Slide Rails Can Work

A slide rail system can help you to handle shoring plans for vaults, foundations and tanks. You can get slide rails set up from a rental company to help you out with moving sensitive items with ease. You may want to rent a slide rail if you plan on digging and pushing large items as needed. This kind of material should help you out with moving even the heaviest items down.

Trench Shields are Protective

trench shield

Trench shields may also be available for rent. A trench shield can be made to not only keep an area upright but also protect the workers who are working in a trench. You have to check on these features if you want to get a trench shield for rent:

  • Check on the beams used at the top to see if they are strong enough to handle any kind of material that might fall off of your spot.
  • Make sure that it is wide enough for whatever you want to handle.
  • Look and see if you can possibly get a collapsing design to make it easier for people to move in and then out.

Manhole Boxes are Needed

Manholes may be created in the construction process but there is always the risk of a spot caving in as the manhole is being built. That’s why you need to rent a manhole box if you are going to create a manhole in an area. This kind of box will be made to help you with securing a deep spot with ease.

In fact, you can even get a lift harness to work with one of these rentals. It can be used to move a person in and out of such a tight construction spot. A four-way lift harness may particularly keep a user safe during the process while working alongside the manhole box.

You can get all of these items rented through a shoring company. These rentals are given to help you out with getting anything you need for protecting structures set up as soon as possible.

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