Sugar Daddy – Extravagance is Thy Name

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The world has certainly progressed be it in terms of science, technology, medication or communications. If progression is the key word, then why personal relationships should be kept abbey from this phenomena. In the domain of private relationships, gone are the days when commitments were for a lifetime. Yes, one cannot deny that eternal love still exists but people are willing to explore novel dimensions of a man woman relationship. One such novel type of relationship is the sugar daddy relationship.

The Real Definition

Now, for the benefit of our older readers, it becomes mandatory to define this terminology as many may be completely new to the forum. In conventional terms, ‘sugar daddy’ denotes a relationship encompassing an older man and a much younger woman. This symbiotic association involves the man to provide several materialistic pleasures to the partner in lieu of passion and sexual favours. Of course, companionship does come along.

The Fundamentals

The basic reason why sugar daddy relationships have picked up is the casual attitude attached to this association. Being wealthy is certainly not easy. Soaring high in one’s career, calls for immense hard work and really long working hours. In the wake of accumulating money, such men seldom find time to fulfill the norms of a committed relationship. But alas, they too have personal needs, be it physical or emotional.

Sugar Daddy – Extravagance is Thy Name

This kind of relationship provides good companions, great sexual pleasures with no strings attached. The woman in this relationship only seeks financial or materialistic gains in the form of luxury and exorbitant gifts. No promises of walking down the aisle hand in hand. Just sheer togetherness until it makes you feel good.

The Discrepancies

Many are not in agreement with this so called definition of the relationship. To begin with, the parameter of an older man certainly does not seem compatible in today’s times. Old age is not a requisite to be wealthy any more. Today, the world is full of young dynamic men who have earned handsome amounts very early in life. Therefore, old age for a man certainly does not make him qualify the norms of sugar daddy.

The second misconception with regards to this format of relationship is that the sole aim of this association is pleasure. Yes, most associations are meant to have a good time together, but you will be surprised to know that there are episodes wherein couples have actually gone ahead and tied the knot as well.

There are several online sites that make this dream of companionship with no commitments and compulsions true. All you need to do is register online with these services, furnishing a few mandatory personal details and wait for your sugar daddy relationship to commence. You could be single looking for certain pleasures in life or attached with someone yet harnessing the desire to explore more; you could be someone who is averse to permanent bonding or someone looking for your dream partner – just register yourself as you all qualify for being a member. Get out of the mould of a mundane routine. It is about time you felt appreciated and it is time for fun!

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