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Some people will go to great lengths to improve their jump. However, will just any program help a person improve his or her basketball play?

Not necessarily, but many sport enthusiasts are turning to the Jump Manual for help. If you are a person who loves to play basketball you may be the next one to experience the full benefit.

Program Objectives

The main goal is to of course help a person increase vertical basketball jump height. Additional objectives include improvement of reflex and increase of strength and speed.

Furthermore, the Jump Manual is designed to help give people a drive and passion for the game. Additionally, stability, balance, form, flexibility, and body composition are all improved.


One major advantage of the Jump Manual is that it is not just intended for people who are taller. Instead, it is meant to especially help the individuals who may be a bit shorter than the average basketball player.

Although some may view the Jump Manual as a “quick fix” program, it actually can work very fast. It can improve a player’s vertical jump within 12 weeks or less.
Of course, the results achieved by the player depend upon the actual dedication. The basketball lovers who practice every single day are the ones who would get the most out of this particular educational material.

The only downside is that some people may doubt this program. The reason why is because they may feel that it has not received as much media attention as another type of basketball jump training kit.

Furthermore, the training spectrum may seem too broad to some who really want to focus on just learning how to jump higher in order to make those hard shots. On the other hand, a higher vertical jump capability is more than just learning how to shoot a basket.

That is the main reason why this particular video tutorial method seems to have already been very helpful to many players. For one, the instructions in the Jump Manual are based on actual player experience. Therefore, they seem to be easy to follow to people who really want to benefit from this program.

Some Background

The Jump Manual was created by Jacob Hiller. He at one time struggled with his own basketball jumping technique. He longed to improve his own abilities to jump as high as possible, and then once he succeeded he decided it was time to help others.

A majority of the video instructional material provided within the Jump Manual covers a wide range of exercises and stretches. These routines are intended to help a person increase vertical jump by up to 10 inches.

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