Are Dental Implants Available on The NHS?

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Dental implants are the latest and the most advanced methods of teeth replacement. But as new technologies go, they can be very costly. In fact, they are so expensive that a single implant can cost more than GBP 1,200 in the UK. Just imagine how much it would cost to replace a whole set of teeth. This is what keeps most people from receiving dental implants.

If you have been wondering whether dental implants are available on the NHS, the answer is yes. However, you will be required to demonstrate a very clear medical need, which is next to impossible unless your teeth or face have been severely damaged as a result of an accident or a disease such as oral cancer. This makes dental implants NHS infeasible for most people. Still, there is no harm is seeking advice from the Dental Implants Advisory.

You could get your dental insurance to pay for your dental implants, if such is specifically mentioned in the contract. However, it is very rare for people to have dental insurance in the UK. With the NHS providing free health care, most people do not even bother to buy personal health insurance, which is actually not such a bad idea with the NHS overburdened and the standard of service going down.

If you qualify for none of the the above, then you have two options. The first is to receive either bridges or dentures, which is provided on the NHS. But the problem with these traditional methods is that they require the support of neighboring teeth, which can get damaged in the long run. Also, they are not strong enough to chew tough foods. They also do not last more than a few years. Your second option is to get the money from any source you can manage. If you are wealthy, this should be no problem.

In case you are wondering why dental implants are so expensive, here is the answer. Dental implants are surgically implanted in or on the jawbone beneath the gum. This requires a highly complicated surgery in the presence of the entire surgical team. The surgery is not performed by just any dentist; it requires a specialist dentist. Add to that the cost of prosthetic crowns or permanent dentures which are fixed on top of the implants. And then there are follow-ups for at least six months. No wonder dental implants cost so high.

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