E cigs: Atomizer Tips and Tricks

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An important part of the electronic cigarette is the atomizer. This is the ‘torch’ that makes the magic happen when it comes to vaping. The gadget has become popular and many prefer shopping for it online. Try out a BLU cig, if the large number of brands available online is making the decision seem difficult – they also provide accessories and parts. And when it comes to the e cig parts, the most important one is above all, the atomizer.

E-juice and vapors

The atomizer is the part of the e cig that transforms the e juice into vapors. It is connected by one end with the battery and its other end is in contact with the cartridge. In order for it to produce the adored vapor, it has a coil, a wick but also a bridge. These parts work together and make the atomizer fulfill its function in a properly manner. The parts may be exposed for view, depending on the type of atomizer. They may also be situated down inside a cone or a small cylinder. Whatever the model might be, the function is the same and the atomizer will work just fine.


The most important detail: The Coil

This element is used for heating and it looks very similar in shape and size with a bulb filament. It is however a bit more sturdy and thick than the actual normal filament. This little detail is the most fragile part of the overall e cig and it is also the most important. The battery connects with it and the coil starts to heat up.

After extended use, the coil can no longer function properly as it burns up. This is the main reason why atomizers are changed. In order to postpone this moment, one can simply clean and use the e cig properly, as this will extend the coil thus the atomizers overall lifespan. Atomizers can last for periods ranging from a couple of weeks to a few months.

Keeping the atomizer in good condition can make it last longer and thus you will be able to save some money. It is advised on the other hand to keep some atomizers for spare in order to avoid unpleasant situations and be able to vape whenever you feel like it. When on the road, try to bring some spare parts with you in your PCC that not only will deposit but also keep them safe while you are on the go.

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