Rex Altree: Caring for Arizona’s Future Generations

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Child Crisis CenterRex Altree, owner of Arizona’s NewImage Auto Glass, is more than just a businessman. When he is not busy building his auto-glass empire, he dedicates his free time to strengthening his community through organizations like the Child Crisis Center.

Supporting Arizona’s Youth

Since 1981, the Child Crisis Center has been providing a safe haven for children of all ages. Many of the center’s residents are placed through Child Protective Services while others are placed by family members through Community Placement. Many of the children have been abused or neglected and are left to deal with feelings of hurt and abandonment. The Child Crisis Center has counselors and staff members who are specially trained to help these children.

The Child Crisis Center sponsors various programs that support children and their families. These programs include an emergency shelter, foster and adoption care, and various family resources.

Emergency Care

A variety of circumstances lead to a child’s temporary placement in the Crisis Child Center’s emergency shelter. In some cases, children are placed in the shelter by social services staff. Other times, the child may enter the shelter through Community Placement by a relative. Upon placement, children may remain in the emergency shelter for an indefinite amount of time based on individual circumstances. Some children stay at the shelter for just a few days while others stay for several months.

With the help of dedicated philanthropists like Rex Altree, the Child Crisis Center is able to create a safe, happy environment that allows children to heal from trauma. The center’s specially trained staff utilizes a variety of counseling and therapy methods, including play therapy. Children are also able to receive much needed medical attention from the onsite nursing staff.

Other Services

In addition to the emergency shelter, the Child Crisis Center offers adoption and foster services for families. Serving children from ages 0-17, the center helps abused and neglected children find happy, healthy new homes. To assist with the transition, Arizona’s Child Crisis Center offers a support group that is specially designed to meet the needs of families at all stages of the adoption process.

Just for Dads

In the spirit of fostering the preservation and restoration of family bonds, the Child Crisis Center also sponsors a program solely for fathers. The Just for Dads program offers support to fathers who are seeking to be more involved in family life. The program provides various resources and tools to build valuable skills, such as child rearing and parent engagement. The Just for Dads program sponsors an assortment of events that are designed to build and restore relationships between fathers and their children. Such programs include a new father boot camp, specialized legal clinics, father/child events, workshops and much more.

Making a Difference

For more than three decades, the Child Crisis Center has been helping children in need. Through its various program offerings, the center promotes a safe, fun environment where children can enjoy their childhood. With the assistance of benefactors like Rex Altree, the program will continue to help families and children for years to come.

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