A Simple Guide to Stylish Modesty

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You are the strongest woman there is: a woman of God. While being a woman of God certainly has many advantages, there are some costs a woman must pay in order to live up to God’s strong standards. One such cost is dressing modestly. The most popular fashion trends of the 21st century are not very modest, and the options for modest women’s clothing available on the market are quite limited. However, thanks to some thoughtful designers, it is possible for women of God to dress with stylish modesty.

Modest is sexy in and of itself, because it is a symbol that a woman respects herself and her body. However, most of the big fashion designers that dominate today are all about showing as much skin as possible, so dressing in their brands is not always an option. If you want to look sexy and still maintain your modesty, there are plenty of options available for you, including:A Simple Guide to Stylish Modesty

  • Skirts—In the modern world, short skirts dominate, but there are a variety of below-the-knee skirts available for those who want to dress modestly. Skirts are available in a variety of cute and fun prints, colors and fabrics that apply to the temperature. With a modest skirt, you can look stylish and sexy all year long!
  • Dresses—Like with skirts, many modest dresses are available in fun colors and prints so you can look stylish and sexy while maintaining your positive self-image. All dresses cover the chest and shoulders at minimum, but most have sleeves.
  • Boleros and Shrugs—Say you have a special event coming up, and you decided to go ahead and buy a not-so-modest dress or shirt to wear. If you still want to maintain your modesty, there are a lot of cute shrugs and boleros available to cover up those shoulders and still look stylish! Choose from a solid shrug or sweater, or even sexy lace.

Stylish Modest Swimwear

There are a lot of cute, fun, stylish ways to dress modestly year-round. However, as the weather starts to heat up, people start thinking more about hitting the beach and pool, which is where dressing modestly really becomes a problem. For modest women who cannot wear the popular bikinis available today, most of them are forced to swim in baggy t-shirts and skirts. This can be uncomfortable, unflattering, and certainly not stylish.

In recent years, the modest swimwear business has exploded. Fortunately, some designers respect women who choose to uphold their modesty, and have come with lines of chlorine-resistant modest swimwear. Modest women who want to look stylish in the water can choose from a fun variety of:

  • Swimdresses
  • SwimBras
  • Swim Shirts
  • Swim Shorts/Swim Capris
  • Swim Bandanas—to protect the hair!

And many more! Best of all, many fun swimwear designs are also available in children’s sizing, so daughters can look as stylish and modest as their mothers! If you are a modest woman who is aiming to become more stylish while swimming at the beach and pool this summer, click here for options on modest swimwear for women.

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