How to Make Your High Speed Internet Even Faster

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A sluggish internet connection is not only frustrating, it also wastes your time. If you notice that your broadband speed has bogged down recently, then check for any loose cords. Unplug everything that’s connected to your network then restart them. That should take care of electronic kinks affecting the connection speed. If the sluggish connection persists, then try the following easy fixes to make it faster once again.

Less Multitasking

Multitasking poses a burden to your computer and your high speed connection, thus slowing down your internet access. Close unneeded programs and browsers to improve your connection speed. If you do not need the IM application, email program, and multiple open browsers, you might want to close them. Remember that your active Skype window and all those automatic updates for different programs can drastically affect your connection speed, most especially if they are running alongside other web-based applications.

Also, disable any unnecessary online programs that start each time you boot your computer. That will do wonders for your connection speed and startup time.

Outdated and Faulty Network Equipment

Replace your network peripherals. Instead of spending money to sign up for new high speed internet deals that may only offer low pricing as introductory rates, you may want to consider replacing any faulty and outdated network equipment, including your modem/router device and your filter.High Speed Internet

If you notice that your speed has been dropping off, contact your ISP for a possible modem/router replacement. If you are a DSL user, consider replacing your old phone filter. It wears out over time and leaks signal interference that may affect the internet connection speed.

Wireless Devices that Hog the Bandwidth

Minimize the number of devices connected to your broadband network. If you have been connecting a lot of computers and other devices to your network, then they are all simultaneously hogging your bandwidth. Either opt for a monthly plan that increases your speed and bandwidth allocation or consider reducing the number of internet-connected devices that you use concurrently.

Do not also forget to check for the possibility of people stealing your bandwidth. To prevent this, disable the SSID broadcast and get the most recent router encryption possible.

Wireless Signal Interferences

Eliminate potential issues affecting your router. After ensuring that you have the best router you can afford, make sure that interference of the wireless signal is minimized. Otherwise, you are not enjoying the full benefits of your high speed internet connection. As much as possible, eliminate physical obstructions like furniture, walls, and other electronic devices between the computer and router. Place the router on top of a stable and elevated place, and situate your computer and other mobile devices that pick up the wireless signal close to it.

Or better yet, do away with your wireless network connection altogether and connect to your modem/router with an Ethernet cord.

Also, make sure that your router’s firmware is up to date. The router manufacturer’s website would have the necessary firmware updates.

And if all else fails, don’t hesitate to talk to your ISP. A simple phone call may be enough to solve the slow connection problem.


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