Useful Information, Advantages and Disadvantages of Desktop Based Video Conferencing

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Video conferencing using desktops has become popular because of the high end technologies and latest gadgets that facilitate easy long distance video and audio communication. The traditional video conferencing is done through the use of satellite connection and various gadgets like separate video screen, microphone, computer etc. But the usage of the computer’s desktop for doing video conferencing is more preferred by majority of the people over conventional video conferencing.

The reason behind the usage of desktop for video conferencing is usually cost related because such type of video conferencing is much cheaper. Various desktop video communication softwares like Skype are available nowadays which can be used by common people too. There is no requirement to purchase expensive accessories for doing desktop based video conferencing.


In desktop conferencing, the desktop or computer screen is used as the major data sharing medium between the interacting parties. The devices that are required for doing such type of video conferencing are laptop or desktop PC, internet connection of any form, Skype or other desktop conferencing software. No additional video screen, camera, microphone or high tech internet connection is needed for doing desktop conferencing. All the interacting parties need to have the same software version, i.e. if the desktop conferencing is to be done through Skype, then all the interacting parties must have the Skype software installed on their desktops.

The advantage of such video conferencing is cost effectiveness. Another advantage can be that real time sharing of audio, text and video files can be done. But there are some non negotiable disadvantages associated with desktop conferencing that renders it inefficient for professional usage.

  • Desktop based video conferencing doesn’t work well with Wi-Fi based internet connections. Direct LAN connection would give better performance.
  • The parties engaged in such video communication won’t be able to see videos in good quality because of internet disturbances.
  • The audio quality of such communication is also noticeably poor and the parties have to resort to chatting alongside viewing the videos.
  • Although the files can be shared in real time format while the desktop based video conferencing is in process, but the speed of uploading files is slow. Also, the long length files take it too long to upload depending upon the speed of the internet connection.

To make such video conferencing more effective some measures can be taken.

  • Good quality internet connection should be used which should be preferably wired.
  • The audio experience can be improved if the background noise can be minimized by choosing a quiet location for desktop conferencing.
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