Acai Berry Weight Loss

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You have probably heard the claims that something called the acai berry can help you loose weight. Unfortunately most of us probably don’t know what the acai berry is or how it can help a person loose weight.

The acai berry is the fruit harvested from the acai palm, a kind of tree that grows in Central and South America. This fruit which really isn’t a “berry” has been eaten for centuries by Native Americans in some parts of Brazil. Juice from the acai berry is used in everything from smoothies to liquors.

In the last few years the dietary supplement industry has discovered the acai berry. A wide variety of acai berry supplements, pills and other products that promise to help people with everything from weight loss to diabetes are being sold.

The claim is that the acai berry has high levels of antioxidants which can promote better health. The antioxidants work much like similar nutrients in red wine and grape juice. Scientists have found that other fruits such as grapes.

There are no scientific studies verifying acai berry weight loss claims or other claims that acai berries promote good health. There is quite a bit of evidence that a great many of the acai berry products being sold online are nothing but scams.

Consumers should be very careful when looking for acai berry products online because all sorts of sleazy tactics have been used by acai berry marketers. There have been reports that persons who ordered free samples of acai berry online were asked to provide their credit card information. These consumers later reported that the acai berry companies placed recurring charges on their credit cards.

Even though acai berry may not do what its promoters claim there is probably no harm in eating freeze dried acai berries or using an acai berry supplement. Since acai berries are a fruit and doctors recommend that people should eat more fruit acai berries can be part of a healthy diet.

Adding freeze dried acai berries to your diet might be a good way to consume more fiber and antioxidants. Such acai berries could be a good healthy alternative to fattening snack foods.

Always be careful where you order your acai berries from. There are many scam artists out there using acai berries as a front for efforts to steal your credit card information. Ordering from a reputable web site that is registered with the Better Business Bureau should keep your credit card information safe.

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